Happy Global Running Day!

I had all manner of plans of getting out first thing this morning to catch a pre-work run, since I knew I wanted to take a conditioning class during lunch – and totally opted for sleep instead. 🙂 So of all the days to skip a run, I pick the ONE day dedicated to the sport! But I’m not going to sweat it – I did do my conditioning workout and it felt amazing, so I’m just going to call this Global Exercise Day and leave it at that! Meanwhile my legs are feeling shaky in a great way – it felt REALLY good to be using weights again!

Yesterday ended up being a rest day (kind of a long story), but on Monday I had a beautiful 5-mile run. I was worried it might feel a bit taxing since I did 10 on Saturday, but I felt awesome. I was so pumped up when I got home! Per my new experiment, I faithfully kept my heart rate low and consequently ran slowly, but not TOO slowly, so that’s good. I’m so curious to see if/how the heartrate-based training has any impact once my real NYC training begins.

Other than that, not much to report. On Saturday morning I’m volunteering with a Girls on the Run 5K and I just got off the event planning call. I will be showing up at Grant Park around 5am to help with dispatch duties. I think the call organizer said they’re expecting about 7,000 runners, half of them the actual girls who participate in the program, so needless to say there’s a lot of coordination that goes into these events. Sadly for the girls it’s supposed to be hot and rainy on Saturday morning, but I have a feeling they’ll rally! Me, I’ll be relying on coffee. 🙂

Not much else to report from here! I’m hoping (again) to run before work tomorrow morning so that I can do yoga during lunch – we’ll see how that goes!! Have a lovely evening!

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