Catching Up!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! I cannot believe June is around the corner – time is flying!

And blog posts have been missing. 🙂 I last wrote before I was about to take off for a quick trip to New England, for fun and for work. What an awesome few days – I flew to CT early on Saturday morning and spent the weekend with my family, then took the bus to Boston on Monday morning for a work event.

I was a bit focused on food because my last work trip was not so successful when it came to making good choices – I was by no means perfect last week, but definitely improved, so that was good. After I landed on Saturday morning, my dad picked me up at the airport and we went to his favorite place for pancakes. I knew I had a long run ahead of me, so I had some pancakes and half an omelet, figuring I’d get that good protein/carb blend. There was a pancake option with whole wheat flour, but I went with the regular batter – I wanted a treat! And wow – they were lighter than air and super fluffy! I was sad that I left so much on my plate, but I knew two things – one, delicious they were but nutritious not so much, and two, since my tummy is so sensitive I wanted to tread carefully.

I guess it worked, because I had a beautiful 8-mile run later that afternoon at a trail near my parents’ house. My pace was good and I felt good too. For dinner we had pizza and I happily indulged – I could have done without the (small) third piece but by no means was it some sort of pig-out.

Sunday was a bit of a different story; it was a rest day from exercise and my parents had a huge picnic so that I could see all of my family. The food was incredible – all manner of burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and seafood on the grill, plus a ton of sides – and I definitely overindulged but didn’t really let it get to me. You know how people say that it’s okay to enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving because they only come once a year? Well I applied that logic to the picnic. 🙂 I don’t have any more home visits planned until the holidays, so if my mom is going to serve her signature strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert, I will have a big piece. And I did. 🙂

On Monday I got in 3 miles and 4 strides before my trip to Boston – I didn’t feel quite as springgy as I did on Saturday, but I got it done. Once I arrived I met up with my conference organizers and worked steadily until dinner. We all sent to a really whimsical restaurant and I split an app with a friend of mine (roasted watermelon and pork belly – delicious!) and had a take on moussaka for my entree. The only thing I’m kicking myself for is alcohol – I had two glasses of wine at dinner, which isn’t horrific, but when we got back to the hotel I went to the bar with two members of the steering committee and kept drinking. And I regret that – because I didn’t need it but wanted to let loose and hang with them. Hindsight is 20-20 and all that – I should have just gone to bed or just ordered a club soda. Whatever – lesson learned.

The next day was the first workout of my running program that I completely missed – the morning was out because I went to bed late and had to be up really early to help get things set up (and the wine definitely took a toll on me), and after the conference I was too tired. I did not beat myself up about it – things happen. Workouts sometimes get skipped. It’s okay. What did go well was the food, so I was happy about that!

Wednesday was more of the same – it was my scheduled rest day, so I took it, and for the most part kept food under control. Thankfully on Thursday I was back in action, with both running and eating, and over the long weekend both have been okay too.

Rather than belabor this post, I’m going to end it now and start a whole new one to recap my run on Saturday, and a new plan for the month of June. Stay tuned!


On Saturday I had my long 8-mile run on a beautiful trail near my parents’ house and it went really well – my pace was good and I was feeling great.

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