Almost There!

The best thing happened to me a few minutes ago – I really thought it was Tuesday night. For awhile. And then that moment hit when I realized it was THURSDAY and I felt so happy!

All good stuff to report since Tuesday – I did take my full rest day yesterday and felt GREAT. It was so nice to give my legs (and lungs) a break. I did walk a bit more than usual but it was so beautiful out when I left work – a coworker who normally works out of DC was in town, so my plan was to walk her to her hotel – but once we got there we decided to go shopping, so I got in many more steps than I’d planned! But that’s kind of a perfect way to spend a rest day – by still getting in just a bit of low-key movement. And the shopping was fabulous too. šŸ™‚

Today’s workout called for 4 miles and 5 10-second hill sprints. As has been my trend, I set my alarm with the intention of doing this before work but defaulted to more sleep. I will not feel guilty over this!! If I really had to get that workout in, I would have…or I would have gone after work…the point it, I knew I could go during my lunch break and thus I did. I ran my 4 miles at a faster clip than usual, and while it was challenging it was not a struggle – win! And I ended up kinda loving the hill sprints so I did more than 5 – I actually lost count! In all a great workout.

Tomorrow I REALLY do want to run in the AM because I want to go to yoga during work and to my dance class in the evening. I am going HOME this weekend!!! So that means I can’t do my usual long yoga class at the gym on Sunday.

Since I might not blog tomorrow night (will be packing and getting to bed pronto because I have a super early flight on Saturday morning), I’m going to write a bit about my plan of attack for the weekend and early part of next week – I will be home in CT from Saturday to Monday morning, then will travel to Boston for a conference on Tues and Weds. We know that my travel of two weeks ago was not exactly a success, food-wise (though workout-wise it was golden), so I’m trying to really plan as best I can.

The actual weekend should be okay – I already know I’m having breakfast with my parents at a pancake place that my dad loves, and I’m already planning on ordering an omelette for protein with a small side of pancakes so that I can try what he’s always raving about. My plan is to use that big breakfast to fuel a 9-mile run in the afternoon. Then we’re all going out to dinner, but I think I should be okay since hopefully I’ll be coming off of a good run.

On Sunday I’m going to watch my dad play baseball in the morning, so that’ll zap out some down time, and my family is coming for a cookout in the afternoon, so again, it shouldn’t be too hard. I think I’ll be okay over the weekend.

I’ll be on a bus up to Boston on Monday morning, so I’ll just pack a breakfast, no problem, and I guess grab something for lunch once I’m there. That should be fine. We have a group dinner on Monday night and I saw the menu of the restaurant – it looks amazing. I hope I can just sample here and there and not go overboard.

Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be at the mercy of conference food, but I just remembered, I can at least bring protein/fiber bars in case the food options aren’t great. That was definitely a stupid mistake I made last week – it’s so easy to pack those bars and I really could have used them when the breakfast choices on two days were lame. Lesson learned.

I’m hoping that since I’m on an upswing after my collapse of last week, I’ll be able to keep up the momentum. This conference is the last work trip I have on the calendar until the fall, so I just need to get through it. Then I’ll be facing a lot of time in the office…which is problematic in other ways…I can worry about that another day. šŸ™‚

Ok, off to catch up on Veep and get to bed! Enjoy your THURSDAY evening, friends!

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