Catching Up!

I totally meant to blog at least once over the weekend but just forgot/was lazy. Anyway, to bring you up to speed:

I had a challenging but great 8-mile run on a breezy and chilly Saturday morning. I hate when I look at my iPhone weather app and just see the little breeze emblem – and I feel like I see it all the time here! I thought about defaulting to Sunday but I already had other workout plans, so Saturday morning it was. Thankfully it really wasn’t as cold (or as windy) as I’d anticipated. I took two podcasts with me for the run and never got bored. My legs felt tired but that was totally expected since I’ve been running so much and took my dance class on Friday night. It was challenging, as I said, but overall great.

On Sunday I really, really wanted to get some strength training in, even though per my schedule it was a rest day. But I hadn’t done weights in well over a week (longer? I can’t remember!), so I went to my HIIT class and was SO HAPPY that I did! My legs didn’t feel bad at all, considering how much I’ve put them through, and the exercises we did really targeted my upper body and core – precisely what I needed. Clearly it had been awhile, because I stayed for yoga and my arms felt like jelly! All good, all a gift. I am so grateful that my body has held up during this pre-training cycle.

On Monday my workout plan called for 3 miles and 4 strides. To say I wasn’t entirely motivated is an understatement -I really had to drag myself to the gym during my lunch break. I know I pushed myself with the Sunday workouts, but in a way I wanted to see if I could, you know? So I promised myself that all I had to do on Monday was the 3 miles, and they could be easy ones, and I could skip the strides. But a funny thing happened – not only did I run just a bit faster than I usually do…but I totally had the energy for those strides. 🙂 Love when you surprise yourself!

Today I was supposed to do some steady running and some hill repeats. I did set my alarm so that I could go outside before work (to the one hill that is near me), but I didn’t sleep well last night AND it was cold out this morning so I defaulted to a daytime workout. As I was getting ready this morning I remembered that my favorite treadmill class is on Tuesdays – and it totally fits the bill because it incorporates speed and inclines! So off I went and I only wanted to die once – a good thing! I felt like I challenged myself in a really good way and definitely got a harder workout than what I would have done on my own.

And tomorrow is a rest day. Thank god. And I’m NOT going to play around and just take a yoga class or something – I am FULLY RESTING. At this point my legs feel really heavy and I know a break will be wonderful.

I’m debating whether to continue this pre-training regimen for its full duration – at this point I’m in the middle of my third week and it’s an 8-week program. Part of me wants to see it through, of course, (technically the 8 weeks will end right at the time I need to start officially training for NYC) but part of me doesn’t want to tempt the fates – if I just cut it to 4 weeks, I will have proven to myself that my running is exactly where I want it to be for real training, and I won’t have risked any overuse injuries. So we’ll see. I don’t consider myself competitive in the slightest – BUT – I do like to prove things to myself, and I like to stick to commitments, so from that perspective I want to ride this thing out. On the other hand, god knows there are a million other kinds of exercises that I love to do (and at times very much prefer!) aside from running, so it might be nice to spend those last 4 weeks having fun and then buckling down to the real stuff. We’ll see. I could twist my ankle tomorrow and this could all be a moot point! (please do not twist your ankle.)

I think I’m back on track with food, for the most part. The weekend was a struggle, as it always is, but I felt pretty good Sunday and yesterday and today. I just need to get back into my groove and stick to it. I’m just trying to remind myself how much I prefer to eat well and to feel good – framing it all in a positive, non-judgy way. Or – trying to, at least. 🙂

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