Next Trip Around the Corner!

Hello from a chilly but lovely Chicago!

I’ve just finished up packing for my next round of travel – off to New Orleans first thing tomorrow morning, then onward to Nashville on Wednesday and home on Friday (barring any weather catastrophes!). I’m excited for New Orleans because I’ll be going to a conference with some of my favorite colleagues in the world, plus it’ll be fun to be in NOLA after first visiting the city last year. Nashville is a bit different – I expect to be tethered to the airport so I don’t think I’ll actually get to take advantage of the city. But that’s okay – I’m happy that this trip will have me back in Chicago in time to enjoy the weekend.

Yesterday I did not get up in time to run my mileage before work, but did make it to the gym during my lunch hour and banged them out – 3 miles and 4 strides (for me this was about a minute on, 45 seconds off, 4 times through). I felt awesome when it was all over.

I could have gone to my dance class last night but was a bit worried about exercise overkill – as I’ve been writing, this is the most mileage I’ve run in a LONG time, and I really want to make sure my hip/glute is up to it. So instead I accepted my neighbor/friend’s invite to sit in our courtyard and drink cava during the most beautifully warm Chicago night that we’ve had so far this season. It felt like the right decision. 🙂

This morning my plan had me running 7 miles, which I was ready to do when my alarm went off…then second guessed when I heard the unmistakable rumble of thunder immediately afterwards. So instead I killed some time (read: went back to bed) for a bit, and finally ventured out once my phone app assured me the storms were beyond my area. It said it was going to be windy, but I was really lucky – it WAS windy, but not nearly as bad as some of my runs. I’ve had them where my ear buds fall right out of my ears, and while today’s breeze was strong, it was manageable. Plus I ran into the wind on the way out so it was at my back on the way home – it almost felt like cheating! I listened to the Runner’s World podcast for the first half and to music for the rest. Great run!

Later this afternoon I went to see an exhibit at the Art Institute which focused on Van Gogh’s three bedroom paintings. It was GREAT. I am not a fan of Van Gogh  (I don’t like his swirly style), but this gave me a newfound appreciation for him and made me want to learn a lot more about him. The exhibit itself was epic – my friend and I stood in line for over an hour!! Afterwards we treated ourselves to cocktails and a charcuterie plate and watched the Cubs win yet again.

And that pretty much brings you up to where I am now – eating a salad and watching some tv before an early Saturday night bedtime since I have an early Sunday morning flight ahead of me. I did my best to prep for a successful trip – I have oatmeal ready to go, half a cucumber in case I want to munch on something, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and an apple. I’m sure I’ll indulge a lot in NOLA, so I figured it’s better to get a good start and give myself some room for fun.

I probably won’t be writing until I’m home, so have a good week, everyone!

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