On Our Way to Friday!

So happy to be writing on the other side of a sunny and not-so-cold day in Chicago! Allegedly tomorrow we’re going to see temps in the 70s…I shall believe it when I feel it!

No entry yesterday because my running plan called for a rest day. I debated doing weights but ultimately decided to just let it be. This plan has me running 5 days a week, which is more than I’ve done since marathon training – and even then I was running only 4 usually! The mileage is low but the frequency is greater, so I figured if the plan calls for a day off – I’ll take it. And I totally luxuriated in taking the bus home last night (the pick up is just across the street from my building, whereas I walk about 10 mins to get my usual train home) and finishing up a book. All good.

Today I was supposed to do 3 miles with some hill sprints. I did set my alarm…and I did make an effort to get up…but I did end up going back to sleep. No big deal – I knew I could go during lunch or even after work if it came to that. Thank god for more opportunities!

I ended up taking that treadmill class at my gym that always terrifies me and makes me feel SO proud in the end. I figured with the speed and incline that we use, it was even more intense than what my plan called for. We started with a drill – you run at incline 2.0 for one minute at a time, starting with an easy speed and then increasing it for each minute, total of 4 mins running. Not the biggest deal. Until the next round – at incline 4.0, and then at 6.0 (I did have to take a fast walk break in between those two sets!). Then we “cooled down” with a walk at incline 15 and went onto the next drill (my memory escapes me but I think it was a blend of speed and incline).

Anyway, this class usually goes for 45 minutes and we work out to just before 40, then finish up with some stretches. Well with the new spring schedule, the class has been cut short to 30 mins so that the instructor can get onto another class. So I finished up and did the stretches with everyone, then did another .5 miles on my own, just so that I got in a full 3 miles to satisfy my schedule. And I felt amazing. It was the fastest .5 miles I’ve ever run!

Tomorrow I’ll close out the week with the same workout I did on Monday – 3 miles and 4 strides. The plan is to take it outside before work so that I can do yoga during lunch and hopefully get to my dance class tomorrow night. So far my hip is holding up – it’s sore-ish but totally manageable – I’m hoping that the pre-and-post-workout exercises that I have to do are helping to keep it grounded. Those have been interesting – the warm-up is always the same (tons of lunges in every direction imaginable, plus some additional flexibility movements), but the exercises I do after each run have varied – some are straight-up strength training moves, some focus more on core, tonight focused on my IT band – it’s nice to keep mixing it up.

Not much else from here – off to eat dinner and watch more Veep and get to bed early! Good evening!

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