Two Days Down!

In the middle of the afternoon my friend and I were talking about how she’s going to be volunteering at an animal shelter on Tuesday nights, and I said “oh so I guess you’re starting next week?” Totally thinking it was Wednesday. Sadness ensued, but I’m over it. đŸ™‚

I did get my butt to the gym this morning (only to later find out my post-work plans were canceled, naturally!), and this time ran “hills” on the treadmill. My workout called for 15 minutes of easy running, then 6 30-sec hill inclines followed by quick cooldowns – if you were running actual hills, you’d run up them and jog back down and repeat. But since I live in pancake-flat Chicago (am not complaining!!), I manufactured some hills using the incline feature on the treadmill. I think it worked! Next time I’ll try to go a bit steeper and a bit faster. The whole thing ends with another 15 mins of easy running – plus stretching beforehand and core work afterwards.

Tomorrow is my rest day and I’m debating if I’ll actually rest or if I’ll do some cross training. My favorite HIIT class is offered at lunchtime and I have a conference call beforehand, so my thought is that if the call ends in enough time for me to zip over, I’ll take it as a sign. Otherwise it’ll be complete rest.

I do have to be careful though  -I definitely felt the soreness in my left leg today, especially troubling when I was walking back to the train from work (usually walking is pain-free). So I really need to monitor it. A little pain is fine, but I do not want this turning into an actual injury.

Other than that, not much to report. We had a day-long staff meeting today and I enjoyed most of it (I like hearing what other colleagues in my department are doing). The meeting coordinators ordered in pizza for lunch, but I brought my Greek chicken/orzo situation – I think it was the right call. I’m now making lunch a bigger meal than dinner (and it’s where I get my carbs), so pizza could have been okay – but I hate feeling really full in the middle of the day, and I just felt safer going with my own food. I think that’s okay.

That’s all I’ve got! It was finally a bit warmer today and my walk home was so pleasant. Temps drop again tomorrow (and it might rain), but it’s supposed to pick up again this weekend – we’ll see! Since I’m on travel all next week, this theoretically could be my last chilly week at work – something fun to think about!

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. đŸ™‚

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