Happy Saturday!

Hi All!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! I am writing from a very wet and chilly Chicago – and I can only blame myself. A few weeks ago when we had an unseasonably warm few days, I told a work friend that I could put away my tights for the season – completely forgetting that Chicago doesn’t really see springtime until after Memorial Day! I jinxed us!

So let’s back track to Thursday, when I had another pre-work run in the morning and felt sublime, then went to my Girls on the Run gala and had such a lovely time! The event was so nice – at a swanky and historic Chicago hotel, complete with a cocktail hour and 3-course dinner. I was worried I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to but ended up chatting with my neighbor (she’s the one who nominated me to join the board) and her husband during drinks, then sat at a table with another board member and got to know her better. Once dinner was complete, GOTR featured three girls who were in the middle of the program – one girl still in elementary school and another two in middle school. They all spoke to how the program benefited them and made them more confident, and they were all really composed and really engaging – they clearly stole the show! Immediately afterwards there was an auction – smart timing, since the crowd had been all warmed up! The auction items were a bit out of my price range (a trip to Hawaii started at $1K), but afterwards there were some additional items you could just commit to, so I pledged $150, which will pay for one girl to go through the program next year. I’m sure we’ll see final numbers next week – it looked successful to me!

On Friday I slept in and did yoga during lunch, then took my dance class in the evening. And that’s when my weekend plans drastically changed! I’d hoped to go home for Greek Easter this weekend, and was looking at an early Saturday morning flight and an early return flight on Monday morning. On Friday during the day, both had seats. Well by the time I got home from the gym, both were super tight. I had a feeling I’d make it home – but wasn’t confident I’d get back on my desired flight on Monday. And obviously I have to be at work. So this morning I checked again, and the return flight was fully booked. You never know about these things – there are almost always no-shows – but you can’t really count on that type of thing either. I was so sad, to miss my mom’s cooking and seeing my family in general, but I couldn’t risk being stuck in CT on Monday.

So instead of flying home, I went to the gym this morning for two good strength training classes, then just came home and caught up on email and blogs and some tv and cleaning. Then I took a nap – because what else does one do when it’s so damp and cold outside?! Finally I got my act together and went grocery shopping, and in a half hour or so I’m going to hang out with my neighbors and eat pizza and drink wine. Not the worst consolation prize for not being able to go home!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a nice run in – it’ll still be on the chilly (and breezy) side, but it should not be raining. I bought a banana in case I make it a long run – since I’m not actually in training yet, I feel like I should just play around with distances for the next month or so. Last weekend was my big 10-miler, so maybe tomorrow I’ll start again at 7 and work up to 10 again and then go back down – eh, we’ll see how I’m feeling. That’s the really nice part about not being in formal training yet – I decide when I run, and for how long!

Not too much else to report. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


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