A Post from a Happy Gal :)

Hello friends!

So happy to be writing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with fun plans for the evening.

But let me back up to yesterday. On Thursday night I said I had a little workout dream for Friday and wasn’t sure if I’d get through it – well, I did! And I have to say…eh…maybe not the greatest sense of accomplishment?!

I often do a bunch of classes on the weekends, and on occasion I’ve done two workouts on a weekday, but never three. Well the stars aligned for Friday – my gym just added a pre-work strength training class to the schedule, so I knew I could use it to realize my goal of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner workout. I figured I had the perfect balance – a tough but light-on-cardio workout in the AM, then I’d get zen with yoga during lunch, and end my day with my fun dance class that I love. And that’s exactly what happened. Only – I didn’t feel all that victorious! I’d do it again if I felt like it, but it wasn’t the end-all, be-all of workout days. I don’t regret it or anything, I just didn’t feel as elated as I’d expected!

I just wrote that I’d do it again if I felt like it, and I would – BUT – next time I would not be a moron and plan on running 10 miles the next day! Good lord – the strength class I went to yesterday focused a LOT on legs (not my favorite), and even though I felt like I flushed them out with the yoga and dancing, they were still really sore when I woke up this morning. So, lesson learned – you can do three workouts, but don’t plan on a big run the next day!

But I totally got through those 10 miles today, against all odds! Everything seemed to line up for a good run: it was super sunny but still a little bit chilly, perfect running weather. There was a breeze but it was not windy. I’d been saving a podcast for weeks and was super excited to listen to it. All my eating this week was more or less on point.

But I woke up – after, no exaggeration, over 10 hours of sleep – to a headache. And I knew I couldn’t get out there with my head feeling so cloudy. So I took an anti-inflammatory to help with that, ate a banana, and went back to bed for another hour (not exactly sleeping, just kind of lying there and waiting for the headache to abate). I don’t know if it was the painkiller or what, but running just felt like a STRUGGLE today, even at a less-than-ambitious pace. The podcast was lovely but my body just wasn’t responding to it. I felt like my heart rate was way up and that my breathing was a challenge. I wanted to run 10 but was definitely ready to quit after 3.

I ran 2.5 miles north and back, and let me tell you, I definitely was ready to just head home once I got back to my starting point. I was also weirdly hungry, which is not at all common for me, especially since I’d had the banana. I did bring energy blocks so I had those, and they did help, but it was just a strange sensation. Somehow I pushed through another 2.5 and then turned around and wrapped things up. I was able to keep a pretty decent pace, but it was a battle. I am really proud of myself for seeing it through – but aside from the headache situation, a bit mystified as to why it was so hard!

At any rate, by the time I got home it was nearly 1pm, so all I’ve done this afternoon is eat and stretched and foam rolled! But it has been very enjoyable. This evening I’m going to a birthday party for my neighbor. She’s featuring tacos and margaritas, and I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that dreaming of those margaritas didn’t help get me through the run this morning!

With that I shall say good evening! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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