Tuesday Evening Catch-up!

Good evening!

You may have noticed (or haven’t, haha!) that I haven’t written in a few days…for the girl who rarely gets sick, I was down for the count! It started Friday afternoon at work – I swallowed some water and immediately was like “that…didn’t feel right.” Sure enough, by the time I got home I had a full-on sore throat. I still went to my dance class at the gym since it’s such moderate intensity, but when Saturday morning rolled around I knew I was going to take a rest day. My throat was worse and my nose was all stuffed up – I definitely thought I had a cold.

I surprised myself by still going to brunch with some friends -I figured I so rarely commit to anything that I shouldn’t bail – and I had a great time. But as the day wore on, my cold got worse. By Saturday night I had a chill and aches and pains – really not pleasant!

Thankfully the Nyquil I took let me sleep through the night, and by Sunday I was feeling better – still not well enough to work out, but enough to run some errands and clean and get ready for the week ahead. I thought I was pretty much on the mend, but my nose had other ideas – around lunchtime yesterday I finally caved and bought Claritin, and decided I didn’t have a cold – I had allergies!

I guess I made the right call, because I’m really feeling better now, and was finally able to work out during lunch. I thought I’d feel guilty for taking 3 days off from working out, but I don’t! I read somewhere that if you’re thinking about bailing on a workout, imagine explaining it to a coach – if you can justify it, do it, but if you feel silly, get to the gym. Given how freakin tired and stuffy I was, I felt fully justified in the rest days!

And I think it was the right call, because I felt like I crushed my workout today. I used heavy dumbbells and was able to keep my form and speed and just felt overall great, really strong. HOPEFULLY tomorrow morning I’ll get in a run before work (I have a morning-long meeting so I can’t duck out during lunch), but if not I’ll just go afterwards.

I’m still a nut about podcasts, and two things I recently heard really resonated. One was from a former NFL player who is now a coach (his program is mostly on motivation). He was talking about the difference between preparation and outcome (he spoke more eloquently but you’ll get the picture), and how your preparation has to be flexible but your outcome has to be on point – apparently he stole this concept from Jeff Bezos, and given how Amazon rules the world, who am I to argue?! What I liked about the concept was that – just as I am preparing to get in a workout early tomorrow – I can be flexible and push it to the evening if necessary. Either way, it’ll help inform my outcome – a successful run.

But he took it a step further, and defined the outcome not as a tangible result – the completed run, in my case – but as an overall feeling. So, yes, I do want to achieve that run, but really my outcome by the end of tomorrow is to feel re-energized and stronger after coming off of my rest days. Similarly, sometimes I want to achieve a yoga class, but really I want to end my day feeling more balanced and calm, and to know that I did something special for my body. All good stuff to think about.

The second thought that resonated was from the same program but during an interview with an athlete. The coach asked her if she had any mantras or overall guidance, and she said she had heard this phrase and wasn’t sure where it came from, but that she attached herself to it. I’m paraphrasing, but the gist is: make sure the way you live your life reflects your dreams. I REALLY like that, and I think it applies to so much more than athletic goals. I know the things that I do that are moving me forward, but I also know the behaviors that hold me back – if I can just see them as being contrary to my dreams, or as stumbling blocks in achieving them, then I think I can work on them.

That’s all for me! I shall continue to share my podcast wisdom when appropriate. 🙂 Have a lovely evening!

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