Superset Saturday!

The good news: I worked out for 4 hrs today! The bad news: UConn lost. 😦

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you all had a great day. Today was gorgeous in Chicago – it really felt like mid-Spring and not late February! I told my parents it was the calm after the storm – we had absolutely insane winds yesterday so today felt like a gift!

I think I mentioned I hadn’t slept well this week, and on Thursday afternoon/evening I had a really bad sore throat. It’s very rare for me to get sick (other than tummy bugs and the occasional migraine), but I didn’t want to take chances. I took it easy yesterday – I had a really great yoga class (exactly what I needed), but stayed home instead of going to my dance class after work. That way I was able to rest a bit and got to bed really early – I ended up sleeping 11 hours!

I felt so much better when I woke up this morning – and no more sore throat to boot. So I went to the gym for my normal Saturday routine of the 20/20/20 class and Ballet Sculpt. Then, since I enjoyed it so much last week, I stuck around for Pilates. And then, since my friend J was subbing the next class, I stayed for that too (it’s just 30 minutes of upper body work, which I feel like I never get enough of compared to lower body stuff). And then…since Zumba was next…and I didn’t go to my dance class last night – I stuck around for that too. All told it was 3 hrs, 45 mins of work. I was definitely tired at the end of Zumba (and somewhat questioning my sanity), but the last real song (before the cool-down) was my absolute favorite, and one I had not danced to in years. So I took it as a sign that I made the right call!

I got home, made pancakes, watched some tv…and went back to bed. Yes, the girl who slept 11 hrs still needed a nap, apparently! I was only down for a half hour but it felt perfect – when I woke up I was ready to cheer on my UConn boys.It turned out to be a futile effort but it was fun watching them as always! At halftime I walked to the grocery store for my last pre-trip shopping – definitely would have been quicker to drive but a. I wanted to flush out my legs, and b. did I mention how beautiful it was here today?! I just wanted to be outside!

I got my normal groceries and also stocked up on some strategic travel purchases: apples, protein bars, and my favorite candy, Peppermint Patties. This way if I find myself craving something sweet, I’ve got the apples and the candy, and if I need protein, I can chomp down on a bar. PPs are an especially good candy for me because, while I do love them, the peppermint taste is so strong that I really can’t overeat them – a very good thing! I figure I’ll bring an apple on each trip and I’ll have some of the bars and some of the candy in my bag for a just-in-case snack.

When I got home I finished watching the game and made my lunches for the next four days – braised coconut spinach with chickpeas and lemon. It came out so well! And was supremely easy! For tomorrow and Mon/Tues, I’m going to make some quinoa to go with this, but I skipped it today because I ate my lunch so late (around 5pm) and still have dinner to eat (turkey burgers and barley).

I’m hoping to get in a good run tomorrow and get to the gym for an 11am yoga class, then I’ll head downtown for some pre-trip shopping. I don’t technically need anything new…but as my mother would say, what does “need” have to do with anything?! 🙂 Then I’ll come back here and do some cleaning – I love coming home from a trip to a nice, organized house.

And that’ll be the weekend! Today flew by…I guess when your day doesn’t really start until 1, it’ll happen. Hope everyone is doing well – talk soon!

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