Saturday Stuff

Written while watching my UConn boys demolish Tulsa! But I will maintain my typical game-day caution – on Thursday night they blew a 12-pt lead and lost by one heartbreaking point. Still plenty of time to go in this game!

Also written while shivering on the couch, despite wearing leggings, a long-sleeved t shirt, a running jacket, and a blanket – because it is freezing here. I live in a vintage condo unit and my heat is based on a boiler unit in the basement – so it’s either on or off, no moderating the temperature. And for the past hour or two at least, it’s definitely been off.

Happy weekend to you all! I started my day with 3 great workouts – the 20/20/20 class that I like (which blends cardio, strength, and core), then my ballet sculpt class, and I stuck around for a Pilates class as well. I used to really like Pilates (and preferred it to yoga), but I guess I lost my thing for it. It’s definitely a useful workout and I should do it more often – the way the current Saturday schedule is at my gym, it’ll be easy to stick around for the class from now on. Hopefully this means a stronger core!

Since I didn’t get home until 11:30 and didn’t start making breakfast (my favorite protein pancakes with chia seeds and milk!) until noon-ish, I wasn’t really hungry for the lunch I was planning on cooking – a coconut curry soup. I went grocery shopping so I have everything I need to make it, but I ended up just eating a snack around 5-ish and will have my usual dinner soon. My grocery store rarely has any fun finds, but today I bought “naan chips” – they’re kind of like pita chips but really light – and made naan nachos with salsa and some cheese. So tomorrow I’ll make the soup and I’m also making pulled pork in the slow cooker – with polenta, of course, given my months-long obsession!

Not too much else to report! I’ve otherwise spent the day catching up on all the blogs and articles I missed when I was on vacation. Oh and I watched the Olympic marathon trials! So crazy to think that the men can run an entire marathon in less time than it took me to run my half last month – speed demons!!

Yay! Halftime and we’re still winning, AND my heat kicked in. Oh and I will leave you with a pick of my surfing skillz in Hawaii, courtesy of the GoPro camera the instructor attached to my board. I think this pic is adorable!

Surf Girl 2


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