Awesome Surprise!

When I first got back into running last year, my very dear friend R told me about a blog that she loved – and it became the first running blog that I followed: The Hungry Runner Girl. Janae (HRG) is a 20-something year old runner and posts almost every day, sometimes more than once, and I absolutely love her stuff. I signed up to receive her posts automatically and I know they typically come in when I’m at lunch – coming back to work from my break to read her writings is something I always look forward to.

What I love about HRG is that, while she is an absolute cheetah compared to my turtle-like running, she is super down to earth and encouraging. And she has a ton of advice and helpful links, but her posts are never pedantic or condescending – it’s like – she’s rooting for you and you’re rooting for her simultaneously.

What’s more, she’s real. She’s been running a really long time and does not shy away from talking about her injuries (many) or illnesses (she had a pretty bad stomach situation a few months ago) or bad races (she just finished a marathon…first…but it was way past her goal time and she was really disappointed). I feel like if this girl – whose running is superhuman to me – can struggle from time to time, it’s okay if I do too.

Anyway, my point in writing all of this – a few weeks ago, HRG started saving her Friday posts to include little blurbs from other runners – a way to encourage her readers to share their own success stories and achievements. Well today…guess what…I was included in that post!!

My aforementioned dear friend R actually wrote to HRG with a little piece about me and linked to my blog and everything! SO sweet and such a boost! It was just the best surprise and made me so happy!

This is the link to her site (depending on when you click on it, she may already have another post up) – I’m sure you can scroll and/or click around to find what she posted today (2/12):

Thank you SO much to R for this – and of course to HRG for including it in her entry! What an awesome surprise – and what a way to feel like part of the running community for real!!




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