Le Weekend!

Yay, Friday!

So tired but I wanted to get in one last blog post before I hopefully head on vacation tomorrow! Actually either way I’m off from work until Thursday, whether it’s in my preferred destination or just staycationing here in Chicago! I’ll fill you all in next week – don’t want to jinx my luck with the standby gods. Suffice it to say – I’m hopefully headed somewhere warm and sunny!

Since I don’t know what my schedule will be like over the next few days, I really wanted to get in two quality workouts today. I went to Chisel during my lunch break and it was GREAT – I actually was sad when class ended! – and went to my dance class tonight after work. Thankfully I wore a more flattering ensemble than I did last week so I was able to focus more on the moves and less on the mirror, haha. 🙂

In general I’m feeling great fitness-wise. I hope that means my plan is working – cutting back on running and saving my energy for other classes/challenges. Assuming my trip does work out, tomorrow will be a rest day, but I’m hoping to spend the rest of vacation with a blend of activity and relaxing. I think it can be done!

No more blog posts for the next few days. Happy weekend and I hope the next time I write, it’s with a tan! 🙂

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