Pre-Friday Once Again!

This week flew by – can’t believe the weekend is almost here!

Yesterday morning I got my butt in gear and went to yoga before work. It was a great class, with an instructor I don’t take very often – nice to change it up a bit. I felt a little guilty for not doing anything bigger (and had these grand visions of waking up earlier sans my alarm and getting in a treadmill run before the class – needless to say this did not happen!), but I reminded myself that the more I preserve my energy and legs now, the more I’ll have in reserve if/when I can start training for another fall marathon. So much better to take the long and deliberate path.

And I think my method is paying off; today I went to my favorite treadmill class at the gym and I felt INCREDIBLE. I ran at a speed faster than I’ve ever plugged into the treadmill and still had energy to burn when it was over. I actually want to replicate the format on my own and hold the sprints for just a bit longer, to see if I can! At one point when we were taking a recovery break it just hit me – I’ve never felt this good, fitness-wise. Even weight-wise. And I know there’s so much that I can do to improve, at least in the fitness game, and it actually makes me excited, not anxious.

I’ve been tracking my good eating days on my little Word document – for every day that I stick  to my plan, I highlight it in pink. 🙂 Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a lot of pink on the document! We’ll see how it goes – my first round of travel will hopefully kick off this weekend (I fly standby so I don’t want to jinx anything!). I think I have a reasonable plan – get in some activity each day, enjoy everything I come across but don’t go nuts – so we’ll see how I do. I’m traveling with a friend that I vacationed with a few years ago and I think we have similar travel personalities, so I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to fully enjoy the trip without going overboard.

But that’s not till Saturday – still have to get through tomorrow! Have a great evening, friends!

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