Let There be Light!

Totally have a working hallway light fixture, half thanks to my contractor guy yesterday and half TOTALLY thanks to me (we’ll say he set up the play but I executed it!), AND a very bright light in my kitchen – I came home and flipped the switch and the thing just zonked out. But this one had gone before so I knew how to fix it – and fix it I did! So much light in this place now!

Also happy to report I took my spinning class before work this morning – definitely thought twice when the alarm went off but I’m so glad I got up. I told my co-analyst today that waking up is just the worst thing but once you get that workout done…you just feel so good! And it was nice walking to work sans my gym bag.

Work was nice too; I have a new coworker who came from the same office I did (but our paths didn’t intersect so I don’t know her all that well), and a bunch of us went out to lunch today. It was horrible weather-wise but my umbrella stayed upright and I had my cute little rain boots from Paris -a girl can’t ask for much more!

And I got in my foam rolling. πŸ™‚

I realized today that tracking all my workouts in January was great, but let’s face it – working out is not my issue; eating well is. So I think for February I’m going to track the days where I stuck to my plan, more or less. Yesterday was a great day for me eating-wise and hopefully I’ll keep it together tonight too. I already made one good decision – I was absolutely starving when I got home (which is rare – usually I’m on the hungry side but not like this; I think it was a combination of eating lighter than usual when we went out to lunch and getting home a bit later than usual because my bus was re-routed for whatever reason and faced a ton of traffic) – and rather than just grabbing whatever was in sight, I had a quick single serving of cottage cheese to get me through foam rolling and into my regular dinner. I think it was perfect – protein was exactly what I needed.

I think I wrote this once before but I’ll write it again – and it’s going to sound weird – but I love when I read my runner blogs and hear them talk about poor food choices or the need to get back on track. I feel like so many of them seem to have it all together, and when you read that they also struggle from time to time…it not only makes them seem more human, it makes me want to be a little less harsh with myself.

And with that I’m off to eat dinner. πŸ™‚ Good evening!


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