The Upside to Being an Idiot

Over the weekend I went to make popcorn (this is a daily occurrence), but when I plugged the air popper into my kitchen outlet, nothing happened. I tried to use the second outlet, and that too yielded nothing.

So I did what any useless single 36 year-old would do – moved said air popper to another wall with another outlet entirely and was indulging in my snack just moments later.

But even I knew I couldn’t ignore myself out of this one – the two outlets that had just blown are on the same wall as another set of outlets in my kitchen which haven’t worked…since I moved here. Almost 4 years ago.

Hence I decided today was the day I would call in the experts. I emailed the maintenance guy affiliated with my condo and he said he’d send someone over but it had to be by 2:30.

Normally I really don’t like leaving work early or coming in late, but I honestly thought I had some major electrical situation on my hands – all I could envision was them blowing out, one by one, leaving me with no choice but to set up my coffee maker in the living room. The larger nuisance was that I was going to go to a strength class but I really couldn’t in good conscience take a lunch break AND leave early in the same day.

So I skipped the class and rushed to finish some stuff up, came home, let in the maintenance guy, and let him out just moments later. Why? Because the sole effort he put into solving my major electrical situation was…hitting the reset button. Because there IS a reset button. On, like, all outlets. And it takes 2 seconds. And solves everything.

Yes, I am an IDIOT when it comes to common sense stuff. I can wax poetic on religious interpretations of the Holocaust, the future of ISIL, and which undefeated UConn women’s basketball team was truly the greatest – but I did not know about the reset button on an outlet.

All was not lost though, friends! For a $75 service fee I not only have two sets of working outlets, but I also have a rewired light fixture (which actually did take more than a minute) AND got to spend the rest of the day sitting on the couch in workout clothes, responding to work emails. There are worse things in life!

And to conclude my day, I popped in my Runner’s World strength exercise DVD. I bought this a few months ago and remembered it being really challenging, so since I skipped my gym workout today, I knew it was exactly what I needed. And WOW – it was even better (read: harder) than I’d remembered!! Really great exercises, definitely a total body workout, and I felt awesome afterwards. I do love DVDs because of their convenience, but it’s rare that I feel the same sense of elation after completing a DVD workout than I do when I’m done with an actual class. Tonight, though, I felt amazing!

And speaking of workouts, I tallied up my January numbers – 65 miles run and 34 workouts…in just 28 days since I had 4 rest days! It seems like a lot but whenever I double up on stuff it’s usually to combine something intense with yoga, so it’s not quite as impressive as it sounds. And since I have so much travel coming up, I doubt I’ll ever match those numbers moving forward – but still – really fun way to start the year!

And per my late resolution, totally foam rolled tonight. 🙂

Off to eat dinner – have a lovely evening!



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