Cold Day, Hot Workout!

I am sitting on my couch, under a blanket, wearing leggings, a long-sleeved knit top, fuzzy socks, and a huge hooded sweatshirt – and am absolutely freezing! I need to make some tea as soon as I finish this, but getting up from under my blanket is not a motivating thought!

Though speaking of motivation, this morning I went to my favorite HIIT class at the gym, Motiv8. I know I’ve written about this class a million times and how the format just really appeals to me. Today we had a sub and it was INTENSE. The exercises we did were: squat jumps with an exercise ball (frankly I hate these and I don’t think they’re all that effective, but the morning had just gotten started!), jumping jacks with weights (I wish I had 5lbs for this; I only had 7.5s and 10s and both were a little too challenging – like I was compromising my form), plank jacks (I was really pleased with this – I alternated high and low plank jumps and twice just held the plank – I can feel it in my abs!), chest presses on the ball (holding a bridge with your legs), lunges with a kick and shoulder press, and then a combination of high knees and plie squats. I’m forgetting something…OH, these weird box jump squat things with a shoulder press; basically you jump and squat to the front/side/back/side and shoulder press simultaneously – another instance where I wish I’d had 5lbs. I could have run to the back of the room and picked up a set but I didn’t want to waste time and I did want to keep challenging myself. Normally in group classes I do try to stay in the back, closer to the equipment, in case I need to make swaps, but this class gets packed and when I arrived there was a ton of room in the front but the back was crowded, so instead I was in the front row!

The past few Sundays I’ve stuck around for yoga but I just wasn’t feeling it today – for one thing, I was hungry and wanted to get home to eat (!), and for another, I know I’ll be at yoga at least twice this week, so I’ll still get my fill. Instead I came home and foam rolled – still trying to keep my left hamstring loosened up.

For the rest of the day I’ll be cleaning and cooking. I’m going a little heavier on carbs this week because I have my half marathon on Saturday and will use any excuse to carb load, hehe! I’m making Weight Watchers mac and cheese for my lunches (with a combo of whole wheat pasta and more easy-to-digest regular pasta) and a light coconut curry chicken situation for my dinners, with either quinoa or brown rice, depending on what I have in the cabinet.

Also, I rarely do this, but I actually have a product review! For my long run yesterday and my class today, I wore Athleta Sonar leggings. There are so many types of tights at Athleta that I usually can’t keep the brands straight, but when I bought mine last weekend, the shop girl was raving about this particular type – she said they really suck you in and stay put. So true! I felt so…lithe! 🙂

That’s all from me! Once my heat kicks on I’ll go make my tea…until then, you’ll find me on the couch and using my laptop to help keep warm!!

Catch-up Post!

So happy to be writing from my nice, warm condo and knowing that I’ve run all my errands for the weekend and can more or less hibernate when it’s 8 degrees tomorrow. Love weekends, love feeling cozy!

Also so happy to write about 3 great workouts. On Thursday I had every intention of waking up early to run a bit on the treadmill…and while I did technically wake up, it was only for long enough to realize that I could still squeeze in a quick gym trip during work. 🙂 And it was totally the right call – one of my conference calls ended up getting cancelled, so I had even more wiggle room than anticipated. Normally I do my run-5, walk-1 cycles, but on Thurs I tested my endurance – I ran a mile and walked a minute, adding speed each time. It felt really challenging but also really great, and I got in 4 miles!

On Friday I went to yoga during lunch and it was just a great class. I really like the woman who teaches on Mondays and Fridays. I very nearly got the crow pose without falling on my face and did a back-bend that I don’t normally do, so I count that as a success!

Friday night was kind of a doozy; I wanted to go to my favorite dance class but also wanted fresh legs for my long run today and knew I’d done enough this week. I didn’t “need” to go; I wanted to go. I stewed about it and decided it was probably better to rest and get to bed early because I wanted to get my long run in early this morning – I figured I’d be better primed for a good run if I felt more refreshed.

Of course I ended up not able to fall asleep (and only did once I took a Tylenol PM) and turned off my alarm when I got up – it was just still so dark out! Funny how that doesn’t bother me in the summertime but somehow in the winter it’s just such a disincentive. I decided I’d run in the afternoon instead.

I went to brunch as planned, to meet up with my running partner from the marathon – we hadn’t seen each other since our last training run, so we had a lot to catch up on! I ordered a breakfast burrito because I figured it’d give me a good blend of protein and carbs. Afterwards I ran my errands. By the time I got home, I really did not want to run – even though it was in the high 20s (which feels nearly balmy in January!) and sunny and not terribly windy, I just wasn’t motivated. You know what got me out the door? The new leggings and gloves I bought at Athleta last weekend! I knew I’d want to wear them for the half next weekend and “they” always say to test out your race outfit before you actually run it, so I figured I had to at least give the new stuff a shot. And not only were those leggings awesome (they’re the Sonar style, in case you too are in need!), but I was super fast today!! I don’t know if it was because I was cold and just wanted to get the 8 miles over with, or because the wind was in my favor, or because I was well fueled from brunch, but whatever, it was my fastest 8 miles in recent memory and I felt GREAT!

So we’ll see how it goes next weekend. Part of what helps me on my training runs is being so familiar with the territory; whether I run north or south, I have little landmarks to look out for to pass the time. I’ll definitely check out the half path map closely, so I’ll have a sense of where I’m at and where I’m going next, but it won’t be as straightforward as my usual weekend runs. Which of course is a good thing because I definitely won’t be bored! But for me, sometimes it’s harder to stay motivated in unfamiliar terrain.

I think I’m ready though -I know technically I can finish, just need to actually do it! My goal is to break the time from my last half marathon, last April. I’m pretty sure I can do it, but you never know how things are actually going to go on race day!

Anyway, I am homebound for the rest of the weekend, aside from some gym classes tomorrow. Happy Saturday – hope everyone is warm!



On Sustainability

Taking my rest day today as planned…and it has felt glorious! I slept in this morning (till 7!) and came straight home after work to relax. And I’ll be going to bed early so that I can squeeze in a pre-work run tomorrow since I have conference calls over my lunch break and am having drinks with one of my analyst friends after work. All good stuff!

I had lunch today with a friend and was telling her about all of my travel coming up and she said something about worrying that she couldn’t keep up her own fitness regimen if she traveled that much. And it’s definitely something I think about a lot too. Not just over the next few months, but over a longer term. I think a lot about whether I can keep this up – really intense workouts, sometimes twice a day, acknowledging/ignoring that I’m getting slightly similar pains in my left hip that I felt before my right hip devolved into tendinitis, etc etc etc. And what if I really do overdo it, and can’t exercise? What if I move and I don’t have a neighborhood gym close by, or what if I get another job in another part of the city and can’t go to yoga on my lunch breaks?

I also think a lot about my lifestyle. Right now, on a Sunday night you’ll open my fridge to find all of my meals for the week neatly lined up, along with the right silverware on my countertop. It looks slightly/majorly OCD. By Friday my fridge is absolutely bare. My meals intentionally complement each other – heavier carb stuff is consumed at lunch and lighter carbs for dinner, and it takes me awhile to plot everything out. I buy one apple for each of my lunches and one extra to cut up and throw in 5 days’ worth of oatmeal in tupperware. And on the one hand it saves time and money and I guarantee you that I waste no food – everything I buy has a place. But I think about going home to my parents’ house, and how their pantry is always full and how my mother could whip together a meal at a moment’s notice. Normally if someone came to my door, I could only offer water, milk, or coffee, because I just don’t have anything else on hand. It works for now because I’m just me, but will it always work?

I walk just about 2 miles a day to get to/from work (just under half a mile to get to the train and another half mile to get from the train station to my office, then back again), and usually take some sort of walk in the middle of the day, whether it’s to the gym or to accompany my friend to her favorite salad place or to grab something at Target. Right now all of that is totally doable, but I think about what it’ll be like when I’m older. Will I still be as mobile? Will I still be using public transportation? Will I still even live in Chicago?

My family will tell you I’m rigid, and I’m sure that’s true – until very recently I never would have thought of myself as Type A, but I’m realizing I definitely have those tendencies. I like to spin it positively and say that I’m dependable, I’ll never be late, and I’ll never let you down, but the truth is, I worry a LOT about how inflexible I am at times.

I’m not really all that worried about losing consistency during my upcoming travel – I will absolutely miss workouts here and there, and I won’t have much control over what I eat, but I can adjust. I do worry about the day that something happens that throws me off my regular game, and I know that day will come. Not to get totally off the deep end here, but SOMETIMES I wonder if that’s why I’m not aggressive when it comes to dating…as much as I think I want to do it, I know it’ll require adjustments, and what if I do adjust – what if I start missing workouts to go out, or have some sort of intricate dinner on a night when I planned on something light – and I lose my motivation? Hahaha thankfully I’m hardly fending off invitations to go out, but I wonder if I tried harder if that might be a little different.

Of course I need to look better to get those offers in the first place. And to look better I need to be smaller and fitter. So it’s a good thing I AM so, um, dedicated to all this…right?!

Tuesdays With the Treadmill!

No sense burying the lede – I had another rockin’ treadmill class today! I was actually a little apprehensive about going because my legs are so tired from my other workouts, but I figured I could always cut back on speed if necessary. But instead I got to class and felt great and ended up finishing at a faster speed than I started! Today’s workout was a pretty straightforward ladder: warm up at 2.0 on the incline for 2 mins, bump it up to 4.0 for 90 seconds, up to 6.0 for a minute, up to 8.0 for 30 seconds, then up to 10.0 for 15 seconds (all with 20-25 seconds of rest in-between – real rest, with your legs on the sides of the treadmill so that the speed is ready for you when you jump back on). Then we hung out at 10.0 with 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off, for 4 rounds, then went down to 8.0 for 30 secs on and off, 4 rounds, and so on and so forth. I couldn’t believe how quickly the class went! I started at a 5.5 for my speed on the treadmill (it’s supposed to be an “easy” pace) and maintained it through the 6.0 incline, then once we bumped up to 8 I had to go slower. By the time we were done I was running at 6.0 for speed, so I definitely got acclimated to the inclines as class went on. And the girl next to me was almost always running a few beats behind me – not that I should compare – but yay! 😉

I also got in more walking than expected – after I got back to work, I accompanied a friend to a salad bar place a few blocks from work, then on my way home I stopped at the grocery store and walked back. I say this because it was negative 6 with the wind chill here, and snowing in the morning – those walks took EFFORT!

I am planning on a rest day tomorrow – I know for sure I won’t have any lunchtime workouts because I’m having lunch with a friend, so as long as I stay away from the gym after work, I should be good. I know I need it – my legs are in legit pain right now – but I just feel guilty skipping the gym, even though I have fairly intense workouts. I think I’ll enjoy sleeping in tomorrow, getting out of the office and eating something other than a peanut butter sandwich, and coming straight home tomorrow night. Plus on Thurs I need to run before work, so I’ll want to get to bed early tomorrow night, and not having a workout beforehand will better prime me to fall asleep easily.

Off to watch some old Daily Shows and get to bed! Stay warm, everyone!

Catching Up

I turned off my computer last night and realized I never blogged for the day! Obviously I’ll miss posts from time to time but I fully intended on writing…and just never did!

Yesterday morning I felt pretty good, considering my big run on Saturday. So I went to my high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class and it was great. The guy who teaches on Sundays emphasizes strength exercises more than cardio, which was definitely what I needed. Afterwards I stayed for an hour and 15 minutes of yoga. It still frustrates me that I don’t really see much progress on that front, but I feel like anything I do is better than nothing. And really, if I wanted to be an amazing yogi, I’d give up running and would regain flexibility…which isn’t exactly a life goal right now. There are no marathons in yoga. 🙂

This morning before work I went to my regular strength training class and…wow…my legs were definitely tired from the weekend. I must confess that I didn’t exactly give it my all in my lower body – there were definitely some lunges and squats here and there that I didn’t exactly get around to. But I did my upper body stuff and the core exercises and felt pretty good there, so that’s good – both of those areas are my weak parts, so any work I can do there is beneficial. I also took some of the easier modifications during the cardio blasts and felt zero shame. Sometimes you just need to dial it back a bit!

Despite the snow and freezing temps, I went to my work gym for yoga during lunch and felt awesome. I really like the Monday teacher – she’s just got a nice way about her (okay, all yoga instructors have nice ways about them, but I particularly click with her personality!). I felt like it was a great balance from this morning’s session, definitely a good way to stretch and flush out my muscles.

I think my workout tomorrow will be a game-time call; I’ll either run at the gym before work or will take that awesome treadmill class during work. My hesitation with the treadmill class is that it’s just so intense…not sure my body is quite up for it. On the other hand, I have a stomach that has got to go, and since intervals are the best way to do that…I know where my heart lies, just not sure if my legs will follow!

Along those lines, mercifully the scale seems to be going in the right direction, which is a relief. I know my period was behind some of the inflated number, but my ice cream escapades of late certainly haven’t helped. I am going to a conference in March and my new goal is to get back to my marathon weight by then. It’s really only, like, 4 lbs, but I am fighting a. the slowest metabolism on record (no joke, even my nutritionist said it was one of the worst!!) and b. a ton of upcoming travel, where I will have less control over what goes in my mouth and way less control over how…even if…I can exercise.

Travel in general is a funny thing with me; usually I can stay on track with food and use the hotel gym for workouts when I can, but sometimes it just throws me off my game and I end up really overeating. Especially when I come home, for whatever reason. But for the last few trips I’ve been on, I’ve actually put Word documents together with a plan – trying to make sense of my schedule and fitting in workouts and just writing out little phrases for encouragement. Just taking each trip one day at a time is my best game plan, and making sure my freezer is stocked with food ready to be defrosted as soon as I get home has also helped. We’ll see how it goes once my travel for 2016 gets kicked into high gear, about two weeks from now – once late January hits, I won’t really have a break until June!

On that note – time for dinner. 🙂 I made shrimp and polenta (this is the third recipe in a row I’ve made with polenta – I am on a huge huge kick!) with collard greens. High in protein and more moderate in carbs – exactly what I need. Have a great evening and if you’re in cold temps like I am, stay warm!


12 Miles Done!

Writing from my couch, with very sore legs!

The next time I say that I’m going to take my usual dance class – or ANY form of exercise, for that matter – before a really long run, please comment on this blog and remind me of how much pain I felt for the first 6 miles of my run today, and immediately afterwards. Oh how easily we forget the need to truly rest before giving it all on a long run!

Good grief. I was slow to get started on this run and definitely did not find my groove until nearly halfway through. I don’t think it was a fueling issue – I ate a banana before I headed out and had two shot bloks after an hour in, and while I was definitely tired when I woke up this morning, I still think I had enough rest. I don’t actually think the dance class last night was the X factor either. I think I just went with a truncated half marathon training plan and it’s showing. I also have to wonder if the treadmill class that I took in lieu of real running wasn’t my best idea – while that class is an AMAZING workout and I do think will ultimately lead to a lot of benefits to running, the point of the class is endurance and intervals, not distances. So my plan for next week is to try to get to that class Tues and Thurs and use Weds as a regular running day.

As hard as it was, I feel awesome now that the run is over! I’d been watching the weather like a hawk this week because I knew I’d be really unmotivated to get out there if it were too cold/rainy/windy. But luckily for me, the constant rain of yesterday ended around midnight and today’s temperatures were actually quite mild – in the low 40s – before they drop significantly and we get snow this evening. I just wore my regular capris and a long sleeved t shirt and felt fine. I do want to look into running gloves though – my hands were chilly from the start and never really recovered.

For my path I ran 3 miles north and came back, then 3 miles south. When I say the first 6 were a struggle – I really did contemplate just going home once I finished up. But I told myself that it was just 3 more miles out and then I could turn around and go home, and it felt like those 3 miles were quick (I’ll have to plug my Garmin in to see what my splits were). I felt a lot more energized during the last 6, that’s for sure. And while I was so ready to be done, I know I had another mile in me, so if I do end up registering for the half in two weeks, I feel ready to go.

That being said, I decided I’ll need to adjust my training program somewhat – typically you cut back your mileage on your last long run before whatever you’re training for, so I thought running 8 next week would suffice. I’m thinking now of bumping that up to 10, or at least 9 – I feel like I need another quality long run in me before tackling the 13.

I did feel like I kept a decent pace, so that’s good! One thing about the Garmin is that it takes a few seconds to adjust from my runs to my walks and vice versa, plus when I’m running near tall buildings that block the satellite, the pace is really off. I’ll be curious to see how the Garmin tracks with the race technology during the half.

Anyway, runner bloggers ALWAYS seem to take pics of their Garmins at the end of their runs, so now that I know how to insert pics on this, I did the same, hehe! I am off to spend the rest of the day shopping, cooking, and watching my UConn boys. Happy weekend!!



Writing while watching my UConn girls! It’s a UConn weekend – girls tonight, boys tomorrow, and the girls again on Sunday! LOVE this time of year for college basketball!

As you may recall, yesterday I was debating whether to try a core class at the gym during my lunch break today. Well we’ll have to wait to find out what that class is all about – because I definitely skipped it. This has been the busiest week at work since I started my job here (nearly 4 years ago!) and I just wanted to keep getting things done. I did skip out for a quick walk break but otherwise plugged away and got sh*t done. I was zonked by the end of the day and couldn’t wait to get home!

Luckily I had just enough time for a 10-minute nap before my dance class, which felt really rejeuvenating. Sometimes that nap is my downfall – I get too cozy and don’t want to get back up! But usually it’s just what I need to get motivated to get back out. My dance class was great as always. Afterwards I walked to the grocery store to pick up a few things and when I got back I realized my makeup was precisely the same as when I was at work – while that class is super fun, it’s not exactly a challenging workout! But I think that’s why I love it – it’s just 45 minutes of dancing fun!

Tomorrow is my big 12-mile run. Earlier today I was nervous about it, not sure why, but now I feel like I just want to get out there and get it over with! I downloaded a few new running songs last night so I’ll have some music to motivate me.

The one thing on my mind is the number on the scale – all week it’s been higher than I’d like, especially this morning. Granted I do have my period but typically I don’t gain quite this much. I know my eating has been far from perfect, so I’m hoping that now that I’m trying to get back in control after my holiday indulgences, the number will go back down. I try to tell myself that everything is cumulative – every good decision will eventually add up (of course the opposite is also true but I try not to dwell on that, haha!). And of course I know that the number doesn’t mean a whole lot, can vary due to a million factors, etc etc etc, but still – I just feel better when it’s lower.

Ah well. Halftime is over – back to the game!

Treadmill #2!

I was a little worried that my rest day yesterday would lead to a rest day today…like somehow I’d find some excuse to skip my planned run. But thankfully my morning at work went by quickly and quietly and I was able to duck out at 10:45 to get to my 11am treadmill class on time.

Once again this was such an awesome workout! And definitely a variation from what we did on Tuesday. The concept is the same – inclines and speeds – but the drills were different. On Tues, for example, we started with an easy run at 2.0 incline, for 2 minutes, to get started. I just assumed that was the token warmup. Nope! We got started this morning with a 3 minute run starting at a 1.0 and working all the way up to 10.0, with 30-seconds or so held at each incline (raised by 2 levels each time). I held my pace pretty well and started to dial it back around level 6 or so. Today we did more speedwork as well, and I really pushed it! Some of the drills only had us sprinting for 15 seconds, so why not. I punched numbers into that machine that I’ve never punched before! I felt awesome afterwards, if a bit gross and sweaty.

My legs were definitely sore, especially towards the end of the day. I wanted to stop by the grocery store on my way home but the extra walking just didn’t feel right. I’m so curious to see how my long run goes on Saturday, and whether these two classes of speedwork and hills were enough practice to get me through 12 miles. We’ll see soon enough!

Even though I will most likely be doing my long run on Sat vice Sunday, I still want to go to my dance class at the gym on Friday night. During marathon training I always took the day before a long run off, but the way I see it, it’s 45 minutes of fun; I feel really light on my feet and it’s not exactly taxing. Plus I have zero speed goals for Saturday – just want to get my miles in. This is the nice thing about not strictly training for something, or for training for something less intense than a marathon – you’ve got more flexibility to do what you want!

I’m thinking about taking a class during lunch at my work gym, one I haven’t tried before. It sounds like a core-strengthening class, which I absolutely need. But I do wonder if that plus dancing might be a little much pre-a long run. We’ll see. I really love my lunchtime workouts because they get me out of the office, but tomorrow we’re supposed to have rain nonstop so I might be happier just staying put!

That’s all for me! Happy pre-Friday!

Rest Day

Good evening!

After some internal deliberation, I decided today would be a rest day for me. Part of this is because I haven’t had a break in the past week and a half (the Sunday I was home for the holidays) and felt like I needed one. Interestingly I don’t really feel all that sore or overworked, but at work today I was a. extra tired, b. extra hungry, and c. inexplicably cranky, all signs of a body that needs a break.

Then this evening I stepped on the scale (I weigh myself at least twice daily, usually several times on a weekend – totally weird, I know, but I do it so whatever!), and the number was higher than I expected. You’d think that would make me second-guess the workout and get my butt to the gym, right? Well – sometimes I find that when I do have an intense workout (and the class I would have taken tonight is definitely a heart-pounding one), I let myself slide a bit too much on food afterwards. When I don’t work out, I’m more careful. It defies logic but that’s me!

The last justification I had for resting was my fairly ambitious workout plan over the next few days. Tomorrow my gym at work hosts that treadmill class again. I’m either going to take that OR run before work at my regular gym and take a yoga class during lunch OR MAYBE run before work and still take the treadmill class, to really challenge myself! Though even as I type that I feel like a million experts are shaking their heads because it might be overkill. I’ll figure it out. Anyway, on Friday I’ll take my regular dance class after work and then on either Sat or Sun I’ll run 12 miles and the other day I’ll do some kind of toning class (my gym has a few options). And really I should take another rest to recover from those 12 miles…we’ll see how things shake out. I think by resting tonight, I’m putting myself in a good position to accomplish the rest of my goals for the week.

It’s important to me to front-load my workouts now, because I took a hard look at the calendar today and realized I have a LOT of travel between now and June – at least two trips each month. Some are just for quick domestic events, but in Feb I’m going to Paris for an airport audit (believe me when I say it sounds way more glam than it is), and in March I’m going to Germany to speak at a conference. And hopefully going to Brazil in two weeks for an overdue vacation. So my point is, I want to get my workouts in now, while I have the time and the energy and the options. A long time ago I made up this rule that I have to work out when I can, because inevitably there will be days when I can’t. It’s worked out great for me and helps me stay balanced. It probably sounds like I’m doing some overkill now, but pretty soon I’ll either be on a plane instead of a treadmill, or catching up on jet lag-enhanced sleep instead of lifting weights.

And that’s about all I’ve got! Hope everyone had a great day – two more to go!

Crazy Workout!

Last night I wrote that I’d be up this morning for the gym, no problem, because I wouldn’t have a chance to go during the day. Easier said than done, haha – the alarm went off and, go figure, my bed and my heated condo just somehow felt more inviting than bundling up and heading out in the dark. I realized that I could go to the gym near work in the late morning, between meetings, for a quick run on the treadmill.

Once I got settled here I did take a quick look at the schedule, just to see if there were any classes that synched with my schedule, and sure enough, a class called Tread was beginning right at 11am, which was just after one of my meetings and before a scheduled call. I’d always been curious about this class – I knew it was an interval class on the treadmill (I figured it was similar to the cardio portion of Orangtheory Fitness) and I felt like I could handle it…but I was still nervous. It ended up being AWESOME – one of the best classes I’ve taken. And totally up to you – the instructor led us through a series of drills that incorporated speed and incline, but only the incline was shouted out – speed was up to you. So he’d tell us to crank it up to, like, level 15 (which was nuts) and to run “at 90%” – obviously only you can determine what your 90% threshold is! I know the guys in front of me were running a lot faster than I was, but a girl in front of me was way slower, so it’s definitely an individualized workout.

What I especially liked was that I was getting some incline experience despite there being zero hills in Chicago – as much as I LOVE running on the flat landscape here, I also know that hills are a great workout. So this was kind of a hill and speedwork drill at the same time.

At one point the instructor came over and asked if I was enjoying it, and I said yes, that I was loving it, then I turned to the girl next to me and was like “well really though, it sucks”! And she laughed and agreed, but THEN she told me that there was no better fat burner out there, and that she’d lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks by taking this class twice weekly! Music to my ears, and believable given how much effort I felt like I expended! I felt gross coming back to work afterwards but it was totally worth it. Right now my legs feel sore and a little shaky – maybe not the best thing but I know that class worked me where I needed it!

The great thing about interval sessions like this – on the treadmill or on the bike or even the elliptical – is that they keep your body guessing. More than that, you can really design these types of workouts yourself; you just need to stick to the numbers. I don’t know if I ever would have put myself through what this instructor did, but I definitely have followed sample interval workouts before and they just feel really effective. Plus in a way it reminds me of choreography. I took 15 years of dance classes when I was younger and I like the idea of plotting out an exercise routine, whether it’s matching your moves to music or incorporating certain movements or playing up a big cardio push and balancing it with a slowdown – whatever, just keeping it varied. The minutes really do go by a LOT faster.

I’m hoping to at least take this class once a week and incorporate it into my training – I think it’ll make my legs stronger, my endurance better, and my regular running easier by comparison!

And with that I am off to dinner and a show with a friend I met during marathon training. Have a lovely evening, friends!