Loving the Weekend!

Ciao from an unseasonably warm Chicago – it was 48 degrees when I ran this morning! I just wore a tshirt and capris!

Mostly good things on my end to report – I started my day yesterday with two great gym classes – 20/20/20 (20 mins each of cardio/strength/core) and Ballet Sculpt (45 mins of conditioning). Both were hard at times and reminded me that, even though I can design my own in-home workouts, there’s really nothing like being challenged by an actual instructor!

Then this morning I returned to running with a 5-mile trek along the Lakefront trail. I averaged 10:30/minute miles, which was awesome! I ran the whole time, no breaks, and I felt REALLY good. My hamstrings and glutes on both legs were definitely sore and tight, though, so I really need to be vigilant about foam rolling and my leg strengthening movements. I don’t know why I let myself get so lazy with that stuff, but I really need to commit to it – call it a late New Year’s Resolution!

I did a ton of cooking yesterday. I started with making chicken soup from scratch – like, actually bought a damn chicken and put it in the pot and made my own broth and all that! Yes, I’m 36 and just bought a chicken for the first time in my life – better late than never? It came out AWESOME – just like my mom’s – and I’m already dreaming up ways to improve it the next time!

I also made a braised beef in tomato sauce (with POLENTA, of course – I went a week without it and felt separation anxiety) in the crock pot. I made it once before and I think it just cooked up better the first time; I was able to very easily pull the meat apart. This time it took more effort – I actually think I somehow let it overcook and then it just became too tough. But whatever, I’m the only one eating it so it’s fine!

My one fatal mistake – I made bread, ostensibly to go with the soup. The funny thing is, earlier in the day I was remembering how much I loved bread when I was little and how it’s just not as much of a draw for me anymore – apparently homemade bread is the exception! It was a rosemary/goat cheese loaf made with whole wheat flour, so definitely on the healthy side, but when it came out of oven – warm and soft in the middle, crispy on the edges – god I went to town on it! I made every effort of cutting slices and portioning it out, but the damage was done – into the garbage the rest of it went. Ah well. Lesson learned…next time I make bread, only do so when I’m serving it to more than just me!

Today I had every intention of walking to the library, but the two locations closest to me are closed on Sundays, plus it’s supposed to rain – so instead I’m camping out here and I feel pretty good about it! I have plenty of tv to catch up on, plus a movie, plus some magazines, and an entire kitchen to clean (my cooking adventures are not always the tidiest). PLUS FOAM ROLLING TO DO!

That’s all I’ve got! Happy rest of the weekend, everyone – February starts tomorrow, whoo hoo!!

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