Friday Fo’Realz!

Yay! Weekend!

Not a whole lot to report; I went to a great yoga class during lunch and my fun dance class after work. The yoga class was more intense than most that I’ve attended, even ones with this particular teacher – there was more movement and more strength-based poses. Lots of planks! All good. My dance class was fun too, although I was (I will admit) distracted by my reflection in the mirror – all I saw were my huge boobs and my gross stomach. The weird thing is that I wore this exact outfit two weeks ago to an interval class and thought I looked good – even the teacher came by and said I was looking fit. Tonight I just looked ridiculous and fat and sloppy and gross. So my workout maybe wasn’t on point – I was too busy berating myself! 😦

One positive-ish thing today – I had a pretty candid chat with my big boss mid-morning, and it didn’t go all that well. Or at least – it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. The yoga class helped balance me out a bit afterwards, but this afternoon I really wanted some sort of treat or extra food or whatever – but I didn’t get anything. So I guess that’s a good thing! Haha of course the larger issue is that my job situation isn’t great…but at least I didn’t have a binge to compound it!

I have zero plans for the weekend, which is alternately nice to think about and nervewracking – the former because I will definitely relax, the latter because downtime means potentially eating time. BUT I think I figured out a few ways to occupy my time: obviously working out Saturday and Sunday morning, that’s a given, also going grocery shopping and cooking tomorrow afternoon and walking to the library on Sunday. That should help fill the time. And yes I hate that I spend the weekend idling away the time because I have nothing better to do. #pathetic. But whatever – hopefully next weekend will start my travel tranche and soon I’ll be wishing for more downtime!

In the meantime…happy weekend! 🙂


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