Hello hello!

Well…the plan was to wake up early and take a spin class before work. The reality was…alarm went off and I decided I could work out this evening instead. And I think I made the right call – spin would have been fun, and this particular class also has a quick weights component, but throughout the day my legs just felt so sore (in a good, albeit overworked way) so instead I came home and designed my own workout: a bunch of Tabata rounds mainly focusing on arms and core, some leg strengthening stuff, and foam rolling. All told it was just under an hour and I was definitely feeling it! And even though I intentionally skipped cardio, my heart rate was still nice and challenged. I know this is what I needed to do today, and I’m glad I followed through on my plan and got it done!

Food-wise…eh…that’s another story. We had a government delegation in town today for meetings, so we had Corner Bakery stuff for breakfast and then Chicago’s favorite deep dish pizza for lunch. The bakery stuff I can live without, but I did take a quarter of half of a bagel and a schmear (is that even right? Must consult my Yiddish dictionary) of peanut butter – PB being my kryptonite (is THAT even right? Must read comic books, apparently), more on that later. Anyway, otherwise I had my little serving of cottage cheese when I woke up and my fancy oatmeal (now with chia seeds! always with the chia seeds from now on!) for my real breakfast and I was feeling good.

I knew the pizza was going to be an issue – we were all holed up in this tiny conference room and there were two boxes of pizza in front of me. I told myself if I really wanted it, I could have it, but…like…as much as I like pizza, it wasn’t even the pizza itself that I wanted, it was more the idea of it. I reminded myself that I had my yummy lasagna soup for my own lunch (which I was going to eat later because I wasn’t even hungry during the group lunch), so that helped – pizza was avoided. BUT there was a salad. And I know what you’re thinking – okay, salad, whatever – but can I even tell you – this salad was DELICIOUS! Super duper flavorful – I don’t know what they put in it but good lord it was the most flavorful salad I’ve ever had, no contest. I definitely consumed my fair share of crumbled feta, but other than that I am not really sure what made it so decadent – but it was. I could tell. I think it was even pre-dressed before I put a tiny bit of dressing on it.

My point is – yeah it was a salad but it was totally one of those salads every diet book ever cautions you against. So…sure I skipped the pizza but I did eat more today than planned.

And for god knows what reason, I came home and immediately started eating (more) peanut butter out of the container. WHY!? I don’t know why I do this – clearly the answer is to not buy the stuff, but it’s like I want to prove to myself that I can have it around, or I can have tastes here and there and it won’t lead to a disaster. And…maybe 60% of the time that’s true, but the other 40%…I shake my head.

At least I stopped myself. And at least I still worked out, because there have been many a pb incident or full-out binge that have resulted in skipped workouts and feelings of absolute disgust. So…progress?

Just hoping to have a quiet remainder of the night so that I can start the weekend tomorrow morning in a calmer place. We’ll see. 🙂

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