Windy City…and how!

Hello from a truly windy city – it’s rare that I actually feel like the wind could blow me over, but I definitely felt that way today! Thank god it’s not terribly cold and/or raining or snowing!

I knew I had a late morning conference call so I wasn’t sure what gym class I’d make it to today, if any – so I just threw pants/top/sneakers in my bag and hoped for the best. I wanted to take a spin class but didn’t want to bog down my bag with my spin shoes if it was all going to be for naught. Naturally my call ended way earlier than I’d anticipated and I had plenty of time to make it to class and grab a bike. 🙂 I definitely prefer spinning in my shoes but doing it in sneakers isn’t the worst thing!

What I love about this particular instructor is his talent in timing our moves to music. And he doesn’t just put together a play list and have us go at it; he’ll skip ahead to the chorus of a song or just move to the next one in the middle of another – that way everything we do is on a beat and stays really fresh. Today’s ride was pretty common -more focus on sprints than hills – but he said that Thursday’s would be the opposite.  I may be back – we’ll see! Depends how my legs feel by the time Thursday rolls around.

I am semi-happy to report that I did okay with food last night, after committing to blogging about it a bit more often (hopefully not to the point of boring anyone, but I’m 90% certain the only people who read this are my best friends so they will love me anyway!). Today was also good – I took the time to sketch out my carbs and sugar in a little Excel spreadsheet I maintain. It’s crazy to me how quickly sugar can add up, even negating naturally-occurring sugar in dairy and fruit. And carbs…forget it. I have this little goal of staying around 100 grams and I NEVER adhere to it! I like to think it’s cool since I get in so much activity but I know that’s just something I say to be nice to myself. 🙂 Still and all, I like writing out my meals and making swaps here and there based on my goals. I read a great article in the Atlantic today about how calories are such imperfect measurements for weight loss, and that it’s the content of your food that matters. I know that’s 100% true of me – I can eat the exact same number of calories but will have weight loss or gain or maintenance based on the makeup of my food, and it was nice to read an article confirming it, and reminding me that I really do need to watch those carbs! Of course the annoying thing about all of this is that no standard diet works for everyone, so you really do need to create your own approach – it would be so much easier if there really were universal guidelines that guaranteed success!

Randomly on food – I added chia seeds to my oatmeal this morning and WOW – now I get why everyone goes nuts for chia seeds in oatmeal! It was SO creamy! Totally doing that from now on!

I’m just about to finish up an incredible book – with the Atlantic article reminding me why I love to read about nutrition, this book is reminding me about why I love to run. It’s called Born to Run and it’s been out for a number of years; a coworker mentioned it to me months ago and surprised me with it as a little Christmas present. I can’t even really say what the book is “about” because it covers so many topics, but the part I’m REALLY enjoying is learning about the starring role that running has played in the evolution of our human species. Fascinating stuff. My favorite line is “Running was the superpower that made us human – which means it’s a superpower all humans possess.” Anyway it’s a really compelling story and I would recommend it to anyone, non-runners and runners alike!

And with that I am off to have dinner. Have a lovely evening, friends!

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