Vengeance is Mine!

My morning started terribly – well, for starters, I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic over my job. Not any one particular thing (those I can usually handle) but the really good stuff – where am I going, will I be promoted, do I need to find another job, why are my peers all growing more quickly than I am, etc etc etc – the stuff with no easy answers. I finally got back to sleep only to be rudely awakened by my alarm clock, whereupon my very first thought of Jan 19, 2016 was: “How the hell is it only Tuesday?!!”

I proceeded with my morning routine but was kind of nerdily excited to add something new – I was going to make a green smoothie. With chia seeds. Oh I was going to become that girl.

But my new blender had other ideas – as soon as I poured the (unsweetened coconut, cuz that’s how I roll) milk into the pitcher, it leaked out the bottom and covered my countertop. I had no idea what happened – all I could do was mop it up as quickly as possible (naturally I was already running late) and would do a post-mortem once I got home.

Work was frustrating in ways that it usually isn’t, for reasons too dull and long to get into – suffice it to say, I just couldn’t shake my cranky mood. I DID make it to my treadmill class, and it was totally the highlight of my day – wow – I flipping love that class – but by mid-afternoon I was kind of slumped over again. It didn’t help that I am doing a volunteer thing on Friday and went to a training for it that was completely disorganized, and then still had work stuff that just wasn’t going right that I had to finish by the end of the day.

But then my spirits brightened – very long story short, I had to buy a new city parking sticker. Sounds simple enough but I tried to do it online and the city had no record of my car ever having entered Chicago, so I just assumed there would be drama at the office where I went to purchase the sticker in person. I feared DMV-ish lines and the accompanying personalities. NOPE – the entire process took maybe 5 minutes and the women who helped me were supremely nice. It was…a really really nice surprise!

Then I came home and further cleaned up the blender incident and tried to figure out where I went wrong – and I did! I didn’t realize I had to actually screw the pitcher into the base; my old blender just kind of snapped in. Mystery solved – and I WILL be making a green smoothie first thing tomorrow!

My one other victory was foam rolling. I don’t know why I avoid it – it’s a. good for you and b. not time consuming (my routine takes maybe 10 minutes tops), but I just don’t always get it in. With my half marathon just a few days away and my left hamstring in an unhappy place, I really need to be as loose as possible. Thankfully I did the rolling and did some stretches and will get back into my yoga game tomorrow.

So very excited to see what Wednesday brings, haha. 🙂 Have a lovely evening, friends!

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