Like, Totally Fierce :)

Good evening!

Hope everyone had a great rest of the weekend – mine was spent safely indoors, away from the wind and cold!

I watched a really lovely movie last night called The Spirit of the Marathon. It was released in 2007-2008 and provided a look at a bunch of runners training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. Two of them are famous (Deena Kastor and a Kenyan runner named Daniel Njenga), and three others were just regular Chicagoans. My only regret is not having watched this before my own marathon – I think it would have pumped me up even more! It was just really compelling and really familiar – the regular people featured trained on the same trails I run on and some trained with CARA, at the same starting location I did, so that was kind of wild too.

So sad though, because today at work I went to Wikipedia to learn more about the making of the movie. I searched one of the names of the regular people featured and found out she died just last year. In 2005 this woman had just wrapped up a messy divorce and began running to help get her life back on track, and she had this cutie pie of a daughter in most of her scenes. Now that girl is a teenager in high school and there are events to raise money to help fund her tuition. It’s weird when you kind of identify with someone and obviously have never met them, but feel a kinship. I guess that’s how a lot of people feel about celebrities. Anyway, just kind of poignant and sad.

Moving on though, I packed my gym bag this morning expecting to go to yoga on my lunch break. But it was so.flippin.cold on my walk to the L that I took my lazy shortcut and switched train lines, meaning I skipped about 10 minutes of walking that I typically enjoy. I know it was the right call – despite wearing tights, SmartWool socks, and tall boots, my toes were definitely numb by the time I got to the train – but I missed that walk! So I looked on my gym app to see if there were any other class options. I knew there was a strength class but I didn’t really need it since I did weights in my HIIT class yesterday. To my very happy delight, I found a kickboxing class!

I’ve done kickboxing on and off for well over 10 years. I think I’m good at it because it’s very choreographed and dance-y. I can’t say if my kicks are any stronger than anyone else in the class, but they’re definitely on the beat and I love the kick and punch combos. This was the perfect class for me today – I really felt my obliques kick in during some of the side kicks and I know my heart rate was up, but not too much up. I wanted moderate cardio and that’s exactly what I got – it worked out perfectly!

After work I took the train to the running store, for new sneakers. I’d been thinking that I could get a new pair in time for the half marathon but then convinced myself that I still had miles left in the tread. And then after kickboxing I noticed I definitely had a hole in my right sneaker, so a new pair it is! The funny thing is that this is common for me – I still have some bounce but I ALWAYS get a little hole or tear in the upper right toe area of my right sneaker, and sometimes in the same spot on the left shoe. So strange! I showed my sneakers to the shopgirl and she totally did this little post-mortem on the shoe – she said that based on how the tread was wearing down, she could tell I do more than just run, and that I was probably doing a lot of side to side action. That made sense since I DO do workouts other than running.

So PS, I am now the proud owner of a replacement pair of Brooks Adrenalines and a new pair of Pure Cadences, for my non-running workouts. Allegedly this is better for my feet and will help keep my running shoes in better shape for a longer period of time. We’ll see!

I also bought a fleece-lined wide headband for Saturday…I hate wearing hats and this is a good way to keep my ears warm!

Okay, that’s all for tonight! Off to eat dinner and get to bed!

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