Cold Day, Hot Workout!

I am sitting on my couch, under a blanket, wearing leggings, a long-sleeved knit top, fuzzy socks, and a huge hooded sweatshirt – and am absolutely freezing! I need to make some tea as soon as I finish this, but getting up from under my blanket is not a motivating thought!

Though speaking of motivation, this morning I went to my favorite HIIT class at the gym, Motiv8. I know I’ve written about this class a million times and how the format just really appeals to me. Today we had a sub and it was INTENSE. The exercises we did were: squat jumps with an exercise ball (frankly I hate these and I don’t think they’re all that effective, but the morning had just gotten started!), jumping jacks with weights (I wish I had 5lbs for this; I only had 7.5s and 10s and both were a little too challenging – like I was compromising my form), plank jacks (I was really pleased with this – I alternated high and low plank jumps and twice just held the plank – I can feel it in my abs!), chest presses on the ball (holding a bridge with your legs), lunges with a kick and shoulder press, and then a combination of high knees and plie squats. I’m forgetting something…OH, these weird box jump squat things with a shoulder press; basically you jump and squat to the front/side/back/side and shoulder press simultaneously – another instance where I wish I’d had 5lbs. I could have run to the back of the room and picked up a set but I didn’t want to waste time and I did want to keep challenging myself. Normally in group classes I do try to stay in the back, closer to the equipment, in case I need to make swaps, but this class gets packed and when I arrived there was a ton of room in the front but the back was crowded, so instead I was in the front row!

The past few Sundays I’ve stuck around for yoga but I just wasn’t feeling it today – for one thing, I was hungry and wanted to get home to eat (!), and for another, I know I’ll be at yoga at least twice this week, so I’ll still get my fill. Instead I came home and foam rolled – still trying to keep my left hamstring loosened up.

For the rest of the day I’ll be cleaning and cooking. I’m going a little heavier on carbs this week because I have my half marathon on Saturday and will use any excuse to carb load, hehe! I’m making Weight Watchers mac and cheese for my lunches (with a combo of whole wheat pasta and more easy-to-digest regular pasta) and a light coconut curry chicken situation for my dinners, with either quinoa or brown rice, depending on what I have in the cabinet.

Also, I rarely do this, but I actually have a product review! For my long run yesterday and my class today, I wore Athleta Sonar leggings. There are so many types of tights at Athleta that I usually can’t keep the brands straight, but when I bought mine last weekend, the shop girl was raving about this particular type – she said they really suck you in and stay put. So true! I felt so…lithe! 🙂

That’s all from me! Once my heat kicks on I’ll go make my tea…until then, you’ll find me on the couch and using my laptop to help keep warm!!

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