Tuesdays With the Treadmill!

No sense burying the lede – I had another rockin’ treadmill class today! I was actually a little apprehensive about going because my legs are so tired from my other workouts, but I figured I could always cut back on speed if necessary. But instead I got to class and felt great and ended up finishing at a faster speed than I started! Today’s workout was a pretty straightforward ladder: warm up at 2.0 on the incline for 2 mins, bump it up to 4.0 for 90 seconds, up to 6.0 for a minute, up to 8.0 for 30 seconds, then up to 10.0 for 15 seconds (all with 20-25 seconds of rest in-between – real rest, with your legs on the sides of the treadmill so that the speed is ready for you when you jump back on). Then we hung out at 10.0 with 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off, for 4 rounds, then went down to 8.0 for 30 secs on and off, 4 rounds, and so on and so forth. I couldn’t believe how quickly the class went! I started at a 5.5 for my speed on the treadmill (it’s supposed to be an “easy” pace) and maintained it through the 6.0 incline, then once we bumped up to 8 I had to go slower. By the time we were done I was running at 6.0 for speed, so I definitely got acclimated to the inclines as class went on. And the girl next to me was almost always running a few beats behind me – not that I should compare – but yay! 😉

I also got in more walking than expected – after I got back to work, I accompanied a friend to a salad bar place a few blocks from work, then on my way home I stopped at the grocery store and walked back. I say this because it was negative 6 with the wind chill here, and snowing in the morning – those walks took EFFORT!

I am planning on a rest day tomorrow – I know for sure I won’t have any lunchtime workouts because I’m having lunch with a friend, so as long as I stay away from the gym after work, I should be good. I know I need it – my legs are in legit pain right now – but I just feel guilty skipping the gym, even though I have fairly intense workouts. I think I’ll enjoy sleeping in tomorrow, getting out of the office and eating something other than a peanut butter sandwich, and coming straight home tomorrow night. Plus on Thurs I need to run before work, so I’ll want to get to bed early tomorrow night, and not having a workout beforehand will better prime me to fall asleep easily.

Off to watch some old Daily Shows and get to bed! Stay warm, everyone!

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