Catching Up

I turned off my computer last night and realized I never blogged for the day! Obviously I’ll miss posts from time to time but I fully intended on writing…and just never did!

Yesterday morning I felt pretty good, considering my big run on Saturday. So I went to my high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class and it was great. The guy who teaches on Sundays emphasizes strength exercises more than cardio, which was definitely what I needed. Afterwards I stayed for an hour and 15 minutes of yoga. It still frustrates me that I don’t really see much progress on that front, but I feel like anything I do is better than nothing. And really, if I wanted to be an amazing yogi, I’d give up running and would regain flexibility…which isn’t exactly a life goal right now. There are no marathons in yoga. 🙂

This morning before work I went to my regular strength training class and…wow…my legs were definitely tired from the weekend. I must confess that I didn’t exactly give it my all in my lower body – there were definitely some lunges and squats here and there that I didn’t exactly get around to. But I did my upper body stuff and the core exercises and felt pretty good there, so that’s good – both of those areas are my weak parts, so any work I can do there is beneficial. I also took some of the easier modifications during the cardio blasts and felt zero shame. Sometimes you just need to dial it back a bit!

Despite the snow and freezing temps, I went to my work gym for yoga during lunch and felt awesome. I really like the Monday teacher – she’s just got a nice way about her (okay, all yoga instructors have nice ways about them, but I particularly click with her personality!). I felt like it was a great balance from this morning’s session, definitely a good way to stretch and flush out my muscles.

I think my workout tomorrow will be a game-time call; I’ll either run at the gym before work or will take that awesome treadmill class during work. My hesitation with the treadmill class is that it’s just so intense…not sure my body is quite up for it. On the other hand, I have a stomach that has got to go, and since intervals are the best way to do that…I know where my heart lies, just not sure if my legs will follow!

Along those lines, mercifully the scale seems to be going in the right direction, which is a relief. I know my period was behind some of the inflated number, but my ice cream escapades of late certainly haven’t helped. I am going to a conference in March and my new goal is to get back to my marathon weight by then. It’s really only, like, 4 lbs, but I am fighting a. the slowest metabolism on record (no joke, even my nutritionist said it was one of the worst!!) and b. a ton of upcoming travel, where I will have less control over what goes in my mouth and way less control over how…even if…I can exercise.

Travel in general is a funny thing with me; usually I can stay on track with food and use the hotel gym for workouts when I can, but sometimes it just throws me off my game and I end up really overeating. Especially when I come home, for whatever reason. But for the last few trips I’ve been on, I’ve actually put Word documents together with a plan – trying to make sense of my schedule and fitting in workouts and just writing out little phrases for encouragement. Just taking each trip one day at a time is my best game plan, and making sure my freezer is stocked with food ready to be defrosted as soon as I get home has also helped. We’ll see how it goes once my travel for 2016 gets kicked into high gear, about two weeks from now – once late January hits, I won’t really have a break until June!

On that note – time for dinner. 🙂 I made shrimp and polenta (this is the third recipe in a row I’ve made with polenta – I am on a huge huge kick!) with collard greens. High in protein and more moderate in carbs – exactly what I need. Have a great evening and if you’re in cold temps like I am, stay warm!


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