12 Miles Done!

Writing from my couch, with very sore legs!

The next time I say that I’m going to take my usual dance class – or ANY form of exercise, for that matter – before a really long run, please comment on this blog and remind me of how much pain I felt for the first 6 miles of my run today, and immediately afterwards. Oh how easily we forget the need to truly rest before giving it all on a long run!

Good grief. I was slow to get started on this run and definitely did not find my groove until nearly halfway through. I don’t think it was a fueling issue – I ate a banana before I headed out and had two shot bloks after an hour in, and while I was definitely tired when I woke up this morning, I still think I had enough rest. I don’t actually think the dance class last night was the X factor either. I think I just went with a truncated half marathon training plan and it’s showing. I also have to wonder if the treadmill class that I took in lieu of real running wasn’t my best idea – while that class is an AMAZING workout and I do think will ultimately lead to a lot of benefits to running, the point of the class is endurance and intervals, not distances. So my plan for next week is to try to get to that class Tues and Thurs and use Weds as a regular running day.

As hard as it was, I feel awesome now that the run is over! I’d been watching the weather like a hawk this week because I knew I’d be really unmotivated to get out there if it were too cold/rainy/windy. But luckily for me, the constant rain of yesterday ended around midnight and today’s temperatures were actually quite mild – in the low 40s – before they drop significantly and we get snow this evening. I just wore my regular capris and a long sleeved t shirt and felt fine. I do want to look into running gloves though – my hands were chilly from the start and never really recovered.

For my path I ran 3 miles north and came back, then 3 miles south. When I say the first 6 were a struggle – I really did contemplate just going home once I finished up. But I told myself that it was just 3 more miles out and then I could turn around and go home, and it felt like those 3 miles were quick (I’ll have to plug my Garmin in to see what my splits were). I felt a lot more energized during the last 6, that’s for sure. And while I was so ready to be done, I know I had another mile in me, so if I do end up registering for the half in two weeks, I feel ready to go.

That being said, I decided I’ll need to adjust my training program somewhat – typically you cut back your mileage on your last long run before whatever you’re training for, so I thought running 8 next week would suffice. I’m thinking now of bumping that up to 10, or at least 9 – I feel like I need another quality long run in me before tackling the 13.

I did feel like I kept a decent pace, so that’s good! One thing about the Garmin is that it takes a few seconds to adjust from my runs to my walks and vice versa, plus when I’m running near tall buildings that block the satellite, the pace is really off. I’ll be curious to see how the Garmin tracks with the race technology during the half.

Anyway, runner bloggers ALWAYS seem to take pics of their Garmins at the end of their runs, so now that I know how to insert pics on this, I did the same, hehe! I am off to spend the rest of the day shopping, cooking, and watching my UConn boys. Happy weekend!!


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