Writing while watching my UConn girls! It’s a UConn weekend – girls tonight, boys tomorrow, and the girls again on Sunday! LOVE this time of year for college basketball!

As you may recall, yesterday I was debating whether to try a core class at the gym during my lunch break today. Well we’ll have to wait to find out what that class is all about – because I definitely skipped it. This has been the busiest week at work since I started my job here (nearly 4 years ago!) and I just wanted to keep getting things done. I did skip out for a quick walk break but otherwise plugged away and got sh*t done. I was zonked by the end of the day and couldn’t wait to get home!

Luckily I had just enough time for a 10-minute nap before my dance class, which felt really rejeuvenating. Sometimes that nap is my downfall – I get too cozy and don’t want to get back up! But usually it’s just what I need to get motivated to get back out. My dance class was great as always. Afterwards I walked to the grocery store to pick up a few things and when I got back I realized my makeup was precisely the same as when I was at work – while that class is super fun, it’s not exactly a challenging workout! But I think that’s why I love it – it’s just 45 minutes of dancing fun!

Tomorrow is my big 12-mile run. Earlier today I was nervous about it, not sure why, but now I feel like I just want to get out there and get it over with! I downloaded a few new running songs last night so I’ll have some music to motivate me.

The one thing on my mind is the number on the scale – all week it’s been higher than I’d like, especially this morning. Granted I do have my period but typically I don’t gain quite this much. I know my eating has been far from perfect, so I’m hoping that now that I’m trying to get back in control after my holiday indulgences, the number will go back down. I try to tell myself that everything is cumulative – every good decision will eventually add up (of course the opposite is also true but I try not to dwell on that, haha!). And of course I know that the number doesn’t mean a whole lot, can vary due to a million factors, etc etc etc, but still – I just feel better when it’s lower.

Ah well. Halftime is over – back to the game!

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