Treadmill #2!

I was a little worried that my rest day yesterday would lead to a rest day today…like somehow I’d find some excuse to skip my planned run. But thankfully my morning at work went by quickly and quietly and I was able to duck out at 10:45 to get to my 11am treadmill class on time.

Once again this was such an awesome workout! And definitely a variation from what we did on Tuesday. The concept is the same – inclines and speeds – but the drills were different. On Tues, for example, we started with an easy run at 2.0 incline, for 2 minutes, to get started. I just assumed that was the token warmup. Nope! We got started this morning with a 3 minute run starting at a 1.0 and working all the way up to 10.0, with 30-seconds or so held at each incline (raised by 2 levels each time). I held my pace pretty well and started to dial it back around level 6 or so. Today we did more speedwork as well, and I really pushed it! Some of the drills only had us sprinting for 15 seconds, so why not. I punched numbers into that machine that I’ve never punched before! I felt awesome afterwards, if a bit gross and sweaty.

My legs were definitely sore, especially towards the end of the day. I wanted to stop by the grocery store on my way home but the extra walking just didn’t feel right. I’m so curious to see how my long run goes on Saturday, and whether these two classes of speedwork and hills were enough practice to get me through 12 miles. We’ll see soon enough!

Even though I will most likely be doing my long run on Sat vice Sunday, I still want to go to my dance class at the gym on Friday night. During marathon training I always took the day before a long run off, but the way I see it, it’s 45 minutes of fun; I feel really light on my feet and it’s not exactly taxing. Plus I have zero speed goals for Saturday – just want to get my miles in. This is the nice thing about not strictly training for something, or for training for something less intense than a marathon – you’ve got more flexibility to do what you want!

I’m thinking about taking a class during lunch at my work gym, one I haven’t tried before. It sounds like a core-strengthening class, which I absolutely need. But I do wonder if that plus dancing might be a little much pre-a long run. We’ll see. I really love my lunchtime workouts because they get me out of the office, but tomorrow we’re supposed to have rain nonstop so I might be happier just staying put!

That’s all for me! Happy pre-Friday!

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