Rest Day

Good evening!

After some internal deliberation, I decided today would be a rest day for me. Part of this is because I haven’t had a break in the past week and a half (the Sunday I was home for the holidays) and felt like I needed one. Interestingly I don’t really feel all that sore or overworked, but at work today I was a. extra tired, b. extra hungry, and c. inexplicably cranky, all signs of a body that needs a break.

Then this evening I stepped on the scale (I weigh myself at least twice daily, usually several times on a weekend – totally weird, I know, but I do it so whatever!), and the number was higher than I expected. You’d think that would make me second-guess the workout and get my butt to the gym, right? Well – sometimes I find that when I do have an intense workout (and the class I would have taken tonight is definitely a heart-pounding one), I let myself slide a bit too much on food afterwards. When I don’t work out, I’m more careful. It defies logic but that’s me!

The last justification I had for resting was my fairly ambitious workout plan over the next few days. Tomorrow my gym at work hosts that treadmill class again. I’m either going to take that OR run before work at my regular gym and take a yoga class during lunch OR MAYBE run before work and still take the treadmill class, to really challenge myself! Though even as I type that I feel like a million experts are shaking their heads because it might be overkill. I’ll figure it out. Anyway, on Friday I’ll take my regular dance class after work and then on either Sat or Sun I’ll run 12 miles and the other day I’ll do some kind of toning class (my gym has a few options). And really I should take another rest to recover from those 12 miles…we’ll see how things shake out. I think by resting tonight, I’m putting myself in a good position to accomplish the rest of my goals for the week.

It’s important to me to front-load my workouts now, because I took a hard look at the calendar today and realized I have a LOT of travel between now and June – at least two trips each month. Some are just for quick domestic events, but in Feb I’m going to Paris for an airport audit (believe me when I say it sounds way more glam than it is), and in March I’m going to Germany to speak at a conference. And hopefully going to Brazil in two weeks for an overdue vacation. So my point is, I want to get my workouts in now, while I have the time and the energy and the options. A long time ago I made up this rule that I have to work out when I can, because inevitably there will be days when I can’t. It’s worked out great for me and helps me stay balanced. It probably sounds like I’m doing some overkill now, but pretty soon I’ll either be on a plane instead of a treadmill, or catching up on jet lag-enhanced sleep instead of lifting weights.

And that’s about all I’ve got! Hope everyone had a great day – two more to go!

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