Back to Work

I had such a lovely and low-key weekend; when I went to bed last night I thought I’d drift right off to sleep. Not so much! After tossing around a bit I caved and took my trusty Tylenol PM and finally conked out. This resulted in my not being entirely motivated to go to the gym this morning – thankfully those pills do not leave me feeling groggy, but I knew I didn’t get enough sleep and also knew the gym location near my office offered the same class I was planning on taking, only during lunchtime instead of before work. So I went back to bed and planned on the worktime workout instead.

This particular class (the gym calls it Chisel; I’d describe it as a blend of strength training and cardio) really depends on the instructor. When I lived in DC I went to Gold’s Gym for several years and fell in love with the Les Mills classes – I loved them because they were always the same format, same concept, similar moves, and it was up to  you when you wanted to use heavier weights or pick up the pace or whatever. At my gym now, you have no idea what to expect in a class until  you get there, because the teachers make up the workouts on the fly. In some ways this is AWESOME because you’re constantly on your toes and challenged, but in other ways it’s tough to predict how a class will go – inevitably some routines (and teachers) are more demanding than others.

The funny thing about today’s workout is that it’s taught by a guy named Ron, and I’d never taken a class with him before. For whatever reason, maybe to stay motivated, I told myself that I bet he was on the less-intense side and that it wouldn’t be as grueling as my usual Monday AM class. No, this was in fact NOT at all the case. We were on the go from the minute the music started, and 45 minutes later I was definitely beat. Sometimes I wish the Chisel classes had more emphasis on weights and less on cardio, because cardio I can clearly do on my own, but those cardio bursts can be so intense…I know they’re super beneficial and I know I’m getting the most out of my 45 mins.

On the cold and dark mornings that are wintertime in Chicago, it is really nice to have options – to know I can roll over and go back to bed and hit the gym near my office during lunch, or go to my regular one after work. But sometimes that backfires – because I default to going later and something comes up. Tomorrow will be good in a way because I don’t have a choice – I have a conference call during the time I’d normally workout during lunch, and after work I have plans with a friend, so I must must must get my butt to the gym in the morning. I’m ready for it and am going to follow a treadmill interval workout – when you’re constantly playing with speed and inclines, the minutes really do fly by.

And that’s all I’ve got! Hope everyone survived the return to work after the holiday break – thankfully I took a detailed look at my calendar and realized I have a ton of travel between now and May, so that will definitely help pass the time! Anyway, Monday is over so the weekend is already a day closer! 🙂

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