Happy Saturday!

I was just getting ready to write this post and realized – it’s the first time I’ve written on a Saturday without a long run recap! In my post-marathon life, I’ve been back to spending Saturday mornings at the gym – first for a class called 20/20/20 (20 mins each of cardio, strength, and core), then for 45 minutes of a class called Ballet Sculpt (emphasis on the sculpting, not so much on the ballet). These are the types of classes I need to keep my strength up, as well as my flexibility. And for the love of god I need a ton of core work – my legs feel strong and my arms are okay but my tummy is a giant bowl of jello! Thankfully in recent weeks I’ve at least felt kind of sore in my abs the day after doing work on them; in the past I think I just wasn’t doing an adequate job of targeting them. But it’s definitely the biggest challenge for me – just holding planks for a decent amount of time is tricky for me!

After the gym I was starving so I had a single serving of cottage cheese, then showered and dressed and made pancakes from a mix. I learned about this mix from another blogger I follow, and what I like about it is that it provides 14 grams of protein per serving, and the carb count isn’t out of control. You can even boost the protein by adding an egg – I haven’t done that yet but I’m sure it’ll be great if and when I do.

Initially I was going to run a bunch of errands this afternoon (mainly returning/exchanging Christmas presents), but I was so warm and cozy and comfy while I was eating my pancakes and watching tv that I decided I could put it off until next weekend. 🙂 So instead I went to Target in a failed attempt to buy discounted Christmas lights and more ornament storage boxes – but I DID find the holy grail of ice cream. It’s a flavor I seriously thought I’d dreamed up – once, months and months ago I went to Target on my lunch break from work and swore I saw this flavor, only to never see it again. But sure enough, there was one on the shelf and I grabbed it – it’s called Peanut Butter World and it basically has my name all over it. It’s really rich chocolate with ribbons of peanut butter and chocolate cookie, so it’s sort of creamy and crispy and delicious all at the same time. Oh, and it’s Ben and Jerry’s, so it’s totally 340 calories per serving, which is just under my typical dinner serving. 🙂 So I can have a taste whenever but not much more than that! Totally worth it though.

My Christmas tree is getting picked up tomorrow, so I spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening taking down all of my Christmas decorations. Not sure what it’s like in other cities, but in Chicago you can’t just toss your tree; you have to take it to a recycling center. Which, to me, is a job for two people. And I am just me. So instead I pay for a company to come and haul it away for me. Anyway, taking down Christmas stuff usually bums me out, but my tree is really shedding – it’s clearly ready to go, and I’m ready to sweep up all those pine needles for the last time. I always light a spring-smelling candle the day my tree comes down, to help me feel ready for the next season, so tomorrow I’ll have a jasmine candle burning – tonight I lit the pine one for the last time.

Other than that I did some quick meal planning and will be cooking tomorrow. My lunches for the week will be caramelized mushrooms over polenta, with gruyere – I found the recipe on Runner’s World last week and I think it sounds so delicious! I’ve been on a huge polenta kick lately so this will be right up my alley. Plus I love mushrooms. At first glance I didn’t think the recipe would have enough protein, but it has 16 grams so I should be good to go. It’ll be my lunch because it’s more carb-heavy. My dinners will be an old Weight Watchers recipe that I’ve made a million times – basically lean turkey sausage in tomato sauce with pasta. I’ll probably end up using a bit more sausage and cutting back on the pasta to balance out my lunch, so in total those should be a good combination.

Today a friend of mine asked if I’d made any New Year’s resolutions, and reflexively I said: “run another marathon.” If I’m healthy enough it’s definitely a great goal to pursue this year – I know with more work and effort I can definitely beat my time from 2015. We’ll see! And I did research CrossFit gyms close to me; one that I looked into had a pretty intense introductory period (you commit to 3 classes each week for a month, and you have to be able to make up any missed classes) – that might be a bit more than I’m willing to commit to. I’d just like to sample a class, to see what the fuss is about. This is only the first link I clicked on, so I might have more options – I’ll investigate tonight.

That’s all I’ve got! Have a lovely evening, friends!

2 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. 1.) Too bad I didn’t see that flavor on our birthday!!

    2.) I refer you to a previous promise you made me make re: running another marathon.


    • 1. As I said – I really thought it was all in my mind! It’s an exclusive flavor so it has a limited release, if you will!

      2. I knowwwwwwww…but they say marathons are like having kids…you forget the pain 🙂


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