Last Post Until the Big Dance!

…and after 18 weeks of training, here we are! Marathon Eve!

In some ways it feels like this day was never going to come…and in other ways it came way too fast! I’m so happy to be writing one last entry from my couch, with the windows open, enjoying another beautiful fall day in my beautiful city.

My family arrived last night and we had a great carb-loading dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant (allegedly frequented by one Ms Jennifer Aniston during her Break Up filming days…if it’s good enough for Jen, it’s good enough for me!). I am so incredibly honored that my parents and my brother and sister in law made the trek out here to cheer me on tomorrow. It means the world to me.

This morning my parents and I went over to the race expo. I’ve done these twice before – once for Marine Corps and once for a half marathon at Disney World. This one was just exceptional – SO incredibly well organized and so well laid out; I know there were a ton of runners there but the venue is just huge so you never felt cramped or overwhelmed. We took a shuttle bus from my parents’ hotel and it was just so easy. Everyone at the expo was super nice and encouraging.

After getting my parents back to their hotel I headed home for one last day of rest. Apparently I’m not nearly as good at relaxing as I thought I was – I just feel so antsy! I’m trying to save my energy but keep bopping around, especially with cleaning. Thankfully I can distract myself with the Cubs game in the next few minutes, and I still have to take my shower and order dinner, so those will help kill the time until I can go to bed!

Tonight I’ll take my traditional Tylenol PM to help me get to bed – a full dosage is 2 pills and that knocks me out; I instead just take 1 pill and it sort of gently suggests sleep, rather than forces it. And tomorrow morning I’ll take an anti-inflammatory as soon as I wake up, so that by the time I get to the start line it will hopefully have kicked in.

My freighbor suggested cabbing to the start area, so I’m planning on getting up around 5:30 with the goal of being out the door around 6:15. It usually takes me just 10-15 minutes to get downtown, but even if it takes me a half hour, I’ll still be there a full hour before my corral closes. That should be plenty of time to put away my gear bag and use the porta potty one last time.

I got an email from one of my running group friends; she’s in the same corral and we’re going to try to meet up. She’d asked awhile ago about trying to run this with one of us but I told her I was hesitant to commit because she’s typically faster than I am. Well it turns out she hurt her own hip a week or two ago so she wants to take it easy! If we find each other, it’ll be nice to have someone to chat with – if not, I’m definitely ready to go it alone.

I worked out the details with my family as far as where they will be and approximately what time they’ll see me – hopefully we’ll see each other at the start, then at miles 3.5, 11.5, 13.5, 16.5, and 25. My sister in law texted me a pic of the signs they made – they are super cute and really noticeable! My neighbors will be at mile 7.5 and one of my running friends will be at mile 13. And I snuck a peak at the Motigo app; I have 16 messages coming my way so I should feel fully supported by my friends and family!

I’m reminding myself how well the 20-miler went and that this is a mere 6 miles more. And if I do meet up with my running friend, I think it’ll help keep me on track. During my 20-miler I had 15 really good miles, 3 semi-okay ones, and walked the final two – tomorrow I’d like 20 good miles and then can start backing off if needed. I think I can do it – when I ran the 20-miler I was in the early stages of recovering from my injury, but tomorrow I will have been running and resting for several weeks – I should be in better shape.

The weather will be cool at the start but warming to about 75 by noon – technically that’s warmer than ideal, but I feel like I trained in 90-degree heat with a ton of humidity – this won’t be so bad. Plus I know I’ll be fine in a t shirt and capris; I won’t have to worry about wearing throwaway clothes for the start. One less thing to think about.

Not much more to say! Throughout this whole year I’ve kept this document on my work computer of a hodge-podge of positive thoughts, helpful hints, interesting perspectives, things like that. Pretty much every time I read something that seems profound, I cut and paste it and add it to this document. I want to end my post by sharing this cute little email that I got from The Universe. Did you know you can get messages from The Universe? My dear friend C and I learned this last summer during a yoga class on our beach vacation – just google Notes From the Universe and you too can sign up to receive these little daily messages. Sometimes they’re silly and sometimes they’re  a little off the mark, but I received this one recently and it was just so appropriate. Read it and then create your own Universe account!

“Not events, elena, but outcomes. Visualize outcomes.

Not the cracking of the bat, but gliding over home plate.

Not the inking of deals, but the kind of life you’ll lead.

Not the scale, the diet, or the food, but the admiration you have earned.

And not the whens, the wheres, the whos, or the hows, but the laughter, high-fives, and wows.

Not events, elena, but outcomes. Visualize outcomes.

Seeing you happy,

The Universe

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