Getting So Much Closer!

And just like that, my last mid-week runs are all done! 3 miles down yesterday and just 2 this morning – now I rest for two days and then run 26! For the next two days my only goal is to stay healthy and not trip on anything – I have been wearing flats at work the whole week to mitigate the chances of that! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m definitely starting to feel excited – I’ve been reading so many blogs and articles about the Chicago marathon specifically, and coupling that with seeing the blue paint on the streets every day and receiving SO many well-wishes from my friends is making it feel like it’s just around the corner – which it is, of course! My family arrives tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait to see them, then I just have to get through Saturday and it’ll be go-time!

Tonight my freighbor (friend/neighbor – no, I didn’t make it up!) P came over with spinach pasta and vodka sauce from Whole Foods, for me to cook up on Saturday – wasn’t that so nice!? She has run 3 Chicago marathons and has been so supportive of my efforts this whole year. We ran the Soldier Field 10-Miler together (as in, we ran the same race – she is WAY faster than I am!) and she’s just given me so many tips and ideas and advice. She and two of our other neighbors will be cheering for me right around mile 7.5, which comes within just a few blocks of where I live. It’s really good to know that I’ll have fans and will very likely see them at that spot, because while I have mapped out viewing areas and estimated times for my family, it’s not a sure thing that I’ll see them. But I’ve cheered with P before for previous marathons so I know exactly where to find her!

OH – and P said I looked “so skinny” tonight – she is a wonderful freighbor! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I read an article on the importance of positive thinking – which normally I can kinda take or leave, but today it all really resonated. There are so many studies that show the body still has fuel to burn when the brain is telling you to quit, so when the going gets tough on Sunday I’m going to remind myself that I can keep going.

Last night I had my last pre-run phys therapy appt. Josh said to go ahead and take the anti-inflammatory that morning, which I agree makes sense. Science apparently shows that painkillers may inhibit the body repairing itself after an injury, but as we both said, I’m not looking to repair myself on Sunday, I’m just looking to finish. I think mentally that will help too. And maybe will help ward off some of the more intense post-marathon pain.

That really is all I’ve got! I’ll write one last time, probably on Saturday afternoon while I’m lying on my couch saving my strength. Talk soon!! GO CUBS!!!!!!!

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