One Quick Run Down, 2 to Go!

I had such a fab run this morning! I barely slept last night (I cannot get my brain to shut up – taking a Tylenol PM tonight for sure!) and definitely did not want to get up when the alarm went off…but I knew I wouldn’t want to run tonight and get all worked up before bed yet again. So I rallied.

I headed out around 6ish and was home before the sun came up. I purposely tried to push my pace and it paid off – once I was done my Garmin informed me that I’d set a new record for a 5K. There were a lot of other runners out on the trail, many wearing last year’s marathon t shirt and probably training for Sunday!

My pace leader sent us one last pep email today – well equal parts encouragement and advice for the next few days. As always it was well timed and felt tailor-written for me – she always hits the nail on the head with her emails! And then just a few minutes ago I got an email from my neighbor who is in Japan for work, wishing me luck – I was so flattered that she thought of me!

The only other thing of note to report is that I bought my race shirt – totally simple Champion dry-fit t shirt from Target…and it is BRIGHT PINK. This shirt could not be more me if I sewed it myself! No one will miss me on that course – they’ll be seeing a pink glow miles away! I also bought patterned masking tape that I think I will use to spell out my name on my shirt – I figured it’s easier to remove tape than the puffy paint I used to decorate my 2003 t shirt!

That really is about all I can think of to share…my brain is all-marathon, all the time! Thank god work has been slightly busier than usual so I’ve had some distractions to get me through each day. Anyway, tomorrow morning I’ll be running 3 miles and then tomorrow night I’ll have my last physical therapy session before the big day. We’re getting closer!

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