Random Musings…

Normally I don’t write on a rest day because there’s not a lot to talk about but I’m so tunnel-focused on this marathon and feel like I must get some thoughts out on the screen!

Yesterday I went to yoga and my hips are definitely feeling it today. I am still hoping to run on Sunday sans any pills but I want to check it first with my physical therapist. If I don’t run with the pills they will definitely be in my post-race gear bag!

I finished up Kristin Armstrong’s book on running a few days ago and needed something new – I already had something downloaded on my Kindle that I was planning on reading but I couldn’t concentrate on it. So I downloaded Hal Higdon’s book instead. Hal is basically the godfather of marathon training and works closely with CARA, so there’s sort of a connection. In the beginning of the book he recaps the historical legend of the marathon – in short, a Greek guy was dispatched and ran from Marathon to Athens to alert the Greeks that they had been victorious in a battle against Persian troops. The distance he ran was 26 miles. He died as soon as he got the message out. Naturally I am hoping to reach a more positive conclusion, but the takeaway is: I am half Greek. Marathon running is in my DNA! I should be just fine! 🙂

In my last blog entry I wrote about the differences between my first attempt at a marathon and today. And I forgot to mention all of the running blogs and tweets and Instagram accounts that I follow. They make a HUGE difference – not only do I feel inspired when I read through them, I also learn a ton. And not only am I learning facts – about fueling, pacing, foam rolling, you name it – I’m also learning about the emotional side of running. I thought it was just a struggle for me because I’m not naturally inclined to be a runner (despite my Greek genes, haha!), but now that I’m reading so many stories about elites and sponsored runners I realize that, if anything, it might even be harder on them. Just today I was reading about a runner who had a “disappointing” first marathon experience…finishing up in under 3 hours. What now!? The only disappointment I will feel on Sunday is not finishing!

But I digress – the point is that one of my favorite bloggers was ready to go for a marathon in Utah this past weekend – she is a sponsored Brooks runner and has already run Boston and was training this whole summer to finish up her run in under 3 hours. Everything was going smoothly until a week or two before her big day – her stomach started acting up. And at first she was able to work around it by changing up her diet, but ultimately she was in such pain that she went to a doctor…and found out she had an ulcer. No running, no marathon for her. After spending the entire summer training. My heart just goes out to her. But she’s committed to resuming her training as soon as she gets the green light and has promised all of her hard work won’t go to waste.

I think I’ve written before about how “resiliency” is such a prominent theme in runner stories – probably because all runners have faced down an injury at one time or another, or a bad run or bad timing or whatever. And the blogger I just wrote about is exemplifying it. Resiliency isn’t always one of my skill sets (I think it goes hand in hand with being Type A) but I’m working on it. I’m proud of how, after ending my 18-miler run, I immediately went off to the gym and got in the pool – determined to maintain SOME level of fitness even if it wasn’t what I was working towards. If I stick with running after Sunday, this is a skill I hope to continue strengthening.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Last night my brain was racing (haha! my thoughts race quickly even if my legs don’t!!) and I had to take a Tylenol PM to sleep; hopefully tonight – after getting some of these thoughts out – I’ll have better luck.

Tomorrow morning will be my last 4-mile run! Then just two more to go!

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