Old Post First!

I actually wrote this on Monday morning but my WordPress connection was weak so it didn’t post. Will write an updated post momentarily!

Good Morning!

Quick post before I head on a 2-day trip to Vancouver for work – I am so excited – Vancouver is one of my all-time favorite cities!

I’m so happy to write that I have been sans any painkillers in two days! It was a bit of a fluke – on Saturday night I went out with friends and just forgot to take my evening pill, and by the time I got home, around midnight, my hip really wasn’t bothering me so I just didn’t take it. Then I woke up on Sunday and still felt good, had a great yoga session (more on that in a moment) and decided to see if I could last the day without taking anything. Check! The main test was this morning before my run – I got through 6 miles with no pill and am going to see how far I can go! Either this is progress or all the good stuff in those pills just hasn’t left my system yet. 🙂

The yoga class I go to on Sundays is considered for intermediate/advanced practitioners…I guess I’m not exactly a beginner anymore, but I’d hardly call myself intermediate. So I always set up in the back corner of the room so that I can look at everyone else to make sure my poses are somewhat in tune. The teacher is fabulous but I feel like some remedial student – she is constantly coming over to correct my form!! And it just makes me laugh – she’ll be like “see where your hips are facing?” And to me they look just fine but I try to put on an expression like “ohhh, I get it now” – even though I’m still clueless. 🙂 Part of me is thinking about setting up in the way front next time so that she has further to walk to get to me! Hahaha!

This morning I did 6 miles and it all felt really good – I’m still pretty jumpy when I first get going, like my breathing is just out of control and I feel like I’m pushing well beyond my normal pace, but after a few run/walk cycles I start to settle down. It’s supposed to get significantly chillier here over the next few days – today may have been my last run in a tank top! My goal is to run 4 miles at the Vancouver hotel fitness center either tomorrow or Wednesday and then finish up with 3 before work on Thursday. The problem with my work trips is that I don’t have a whole lot of control over my schedule, so it’s possible I may not get a chance to work out – we’ll see. Anyway, after my run I had a great PT session with Josh – we think I might just have two more, one before the run and one afterwards – we’ll see!

And now for a selfish plea – there is an app out there called Motigo where you can record a cheer for me that will play during the marathon! All you need to do is download the app and click on the “cheer” setting – you can search for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and you’ll see my name listed. All you do is record your cheer and say when you want it to play (sometime in the way later miles would be awesome!) and that’s it! From the app store it looks like there’s an advanced option with a fee, but the one I downloaded is free. I would love to hear from all of you, especially as the miles increase! One caveat – my mom did some experimenting and she thinks this app doesn’t yet work on Android devices. So those of you with iPhones can record away!

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