…and a Current Post!

Good evening from a delightfully chilly Chicago! When I flew out it was nearly 80 degrees and grossly humid; I definitely brought beautiful Vancouver weather back with me!

I had a great work trip and am feeling pretty good! I was able to get in a 4-mile treadmill run at the hotel fitness center yesterday, so all I need to do is run 3 tomorrow morning and I’ll be done with my weekly mileage. Some runners hate the tapering period because you get antsy by not exercising as much as you usually do, but with this work trip it was actually perfect for me. Next week might be a bit busy too, so I expect I’ll continue to enjoy the reduced mileage!

I’m definitely feeling some of my usual pain – as has been the trend lately, it’s not the actual tendinitis acting up, it’s my supremely tight hip flexors. While I did succumb to one of my pills on Tuesday, overall I’ve cut back dramatically in the past 5 days, which I’m really happy about. I was discouraged at feeling the pain this week but I reminded myself that I’m pretty much on my feet for hours at a time when I’m on these work trips, and that’ll be hard on anyone’s legs. So that’s that – from here on out I’ll just be using the pills as needed, rather than as part of my daily routine.

Last night I had two nightmares about the marathon – one was that I just wasn’t ready; I couldn’t find safety pins to put my bib on and I couldn’t find my gear bag to check. Then in the second dream I got a late start to the race – everyone was wayyyy far ahead of me and I was afraid the course would timeout before I was able to finish. And I thought I’d gone really far but it turned out I’d only gotten through 7 miles. And I had to go to work the next day with everyone expecting to see my medal and I had to tell them I wasn’t able to finish. It was a real bummer! I felt so relieved when I woke up!

I know exactly what’s going on – my family is coming to see me run and I want to make the perfect visit for them and it’s just taking me longer than I’d expected. So I’m way behind on that and trying to catch up. And part of me wishes I could just do one more really long run, like one more 16-miler. It’s not that I don’t feel prepared – I’ve been training all summer long – I guess it’s that I want to prove that my 20-miler wasn’t a fluke. Obviously I’ll be able to prove that on October 11, haha. 🙂

Okay – must make dinner! Have a great evening!

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