5 Miles Done, 35 To Go!

This morning I got back into the swing of my mid-week runs with 5 miles in beautiful fall weather. I guess in general it went well, but I will say that my workout bonanza on Sunday might not have been my most brilliant idea – I was definitely sore yesterday and this morning. Not quite in pain…but sore. I’ve also noticed that my pace is slowing down…in some ways that’s not a big deal because I’ve always done my mid-week runs at a faster clip than my projected race pace, but then again that’s kind of what you’re supposed to do…so slowing down isn’t great. Of course…I’d rather run slowly than sit the whole thing out so I’ll take what I can get!

The anti-inflammatory pills are working really well to keep my tendinitis at bay; now I’m dealing more with super tight hip flexors. Every time I get up after having been sitting for awhile, I’m a little wobbly and it takes me more than a few steps to adjust. Today I really focused on walking tall and staying strong, rather than giving into limping.

I got an official update from the course directors today and it actually listed the deferment deadline as next Tuesday; previous emails have listed the deadline as tonight. So…we’ll see how I do on the 20-miler and then I can really make an informed decision to continue or not. I really hope I do. I’m so nervous about that distance, especially since I bailed on the 18-miler, but I keep trying to remind myself that I had a great 16-mile run, so I just need to push another 4 miles. It can be done.

In news from my dad’s baseball tournament, he completely broke our pact and pitched a 6-0 game yesterday, despite his sore shoulder and promising my mom he would not pitch! So I guess we know where I get my own determination from. 🙂

Tomorrow morning the plan is to run 10 miles, the longest mid-week distance of the training cycle. My pace leader is nursing a calf injury and is breaking up her miles but I’m going to stick to the schedule – I think I need more mental confidence than anything at this point. Hopefully tomorrow evening I’ll be writing about a great run!

Have a great night!

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