Feeling Sooooo Good!

I normally don’t write on non-running days but I’m just feeling so great right now and wanted to share! Yesterday I was definitely tired and achy at the end of my run but went for a really nice walk in the afternoon to flush out my legs. I think a post-long run walk is just great physical therapy for helping my legs stay loose (as loose as can be, at least). My tush really didn’t hurt at all, but my hip flexors were definitely stiff and sore – still, I felt no worse after yesterday’s long run than I did after my runs earlier in the season, which was encouraging to me.

I purposely went walking to the running store for new sneakers. I think technically I could have gotten a few more runs in with my current pair, but yesterday I felt like I was coming down hard on my ankles and my arches – I wanted more cushioning. I stuck with my traditional Brooks Adrenaline and will break them in during my mid-week runs, then they’ll be ready to go for the big 20-miler. I think the cushioning will also help mitigate the tendinitis pain…wins all around!

This morning I spent two hours at the gym – 45 minutes doing my high-intensity interval training class, and an hour and 15 minutes doing power yoga. I was a little apprehensive for both classes because I knew inevitably I’d be engaging with my glutes, but I promised myself I’d take it easy. Normally I never take the low-key option because I don’t want to look lazy, but today there were a few moments during the HIIT class that I backed down a bit – and was glad I did. The yoga felt amazing – I am so glad I went! I was a little worried about getting bored (this was a longer class than I typically do) but the time really flew by and every pose just felt so beneficial. When I left I felt so loosened up, so flexible, and so strong. Oh, and so zen, of course. 🙂

Now I’m relaxing on the couch, watching the Bears, and treating myself to oatmeal with milk instead of water – so much creamier this way! Later today I have a condo picnic and will do my cooking for the week. Tomorrow is a rest day so hopefully I’ll be ready to rock a run on Tuesday!

Happy weekend – Go Bears!

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