Catching Up!

Finally writing again after coming back from a wonderful vacation! I go away to the Jersey Shore with my friends every year, and every year it’s the greatest week ever – 2015 was no exception!

I’ll just jump right in – when last we chatted, I’d finished up what felt like a grueling (albeit rainy) 12-mile run and was waiting for the results of an X-ray. Thankfully I got a call from my doctor’s nurse on Monday afternoon – definitely no stress fracture. This is a huge YAY!

The nurse did say that the X-ray showed what could be calcium deposits in my hip, which could indicate that my pain is a result of hip tendinitis.  Thankfully I was able to make an appointment with an orthopedist on Tuesday afternoon, so hopefully in just a few days I’ll know exactly what’s going on – and I’ll have a plan in place for treatment.

I did get back to running my mid-week runs during my time at the beach. I was discouraged at how difficult each run felt – I did 5 miles on Tuesday (slowly!), 9 on Wednesday (and definitely wanted to quit at least twice), and just 3 on Thursday and walked 1. I’m telling myself that the INSANE HUMIDITY slowed me down and was a challenge, plus the fact that I didn’t run at all last week. I took ibuprofen before each run, and while my hip definitely hurt when I was getting started, it did seem to mellow out a bit as I went along. On the other hand, my hamstrings felt really tight and overworked – I’m sure I’m compensating. So that’s no good. In general the runs just felt like so much more effort than they usually do, and I’m concerned about that too.

Tomorrow morning I’m supposed to do 18 miles. My plan is to meet up with my group and run northbound with them, knowing that we’ll pass the area where we park our cars on our way south to do the bulk of our mileage – if I need to duck out at that point, I can. And if I’m able to go south and suddenly regret my choice, I can always just walk back to my car. This afternoon I remembered that there’s a group that’s running a 4:2 ratio…theoretically I could link up with them. It would take a lot longer than what my group does, but would incorporate more walking, which feels more comfortable to me. We’ll see. It’ll be a game-time decision.

In the meantime I’ll keep stretching and foam rolling, taking the Advil, and icing my hip. I really hope I can get this done tomorrow – I keep thinking about how awesome my 16-miler was; 18 is just two more miles! In my head it’s totally do-able…we’ll see if my hip agrees!

Will write tomorrow and let you all know how it went. Happy Labor Day weekend!!

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