I’m Back!*

*I think. 🙂

Last week was rough – I wrote about how difficult my attempted run on Tuesday was; my hip pain did not improve as the days went on. I did a lot of foam rolling and stretching and dynamic exercises, but running was a non-option. I did not take this well!  After totally freaking out during a phone call with my mom, she wisely suggested I just go ahead and get an X-ray – if anything, for peace of mind, or at the worst, to confirm my fear that this could be a stress fracture (despite my PT guy saying twice that he thinks it’s just a strain).

In order to get the X-ray I had to have a regular doctor’s appt, so I went in on Friday and saw the same doctor who helped me during that weird neck sprain in June. She had me do a few of the same little diagnostic tests as the PT guy did, and ultimately said I could get the X-ray but that she wasn’t sure if it was a stress fracture or not – it could be just a tear in my muscle. She also gave me a script for a sports medicine specialist.

This all sounds pretty mundane, but I walked out of there nearly singing with joy – the doctor said I could take ibuprofen before a run!! AND one pill more than I had been taking AND I could take it up to twice a day!! This was a huge relief for me, because I know the major reason I was able to get through my 16-miler last weekend was because I had Advil to help me along the way. Suddenly I was feeling so much lighter and more positive – if it really is just a strain, the pills will help me significantly in the recovery process, plus I’ll still be able to train. I walked into work and my coworkers saw this huge smile on my face – I couldn’t contain how happy I was!

So today I put my little hip to the test – I had 12 miles to run. I promised myself (and many, many of my loving and concerned friends and family) that I’d duck out if the pain was too much. Well I started running and definitely felt it…and maybe it was just me…but honestly it didn’t feel quite so sharp and stabbing as it had this week. On the other hand, I’d taken the painkillers, so obviously those must have already sunk in. I won’t lie and say it was a great run, but I will say that even though I was aware of my hip the whole time, it wasn’t in a very painful way. And as soon as I got home and showered I did a lot of stretching and rolling, and I think that helped a lot too. Right now my legs are tired, but I just ran 12 – anyone’s legs would be tired!

The big test will be how I feel tonight and tomorrow morning. And then I should have the actual results of the X-ray by Monday, I think, so that will really be the end of this – either it’s just a strain and I continue to work on it, or it’s a fracture and I defer my marathon until next year. I already looked up springtime marathons as a contingency plan, so while not at all ideal, I do have a back-up, something to work on once I do recover.

It must be said that I felt a particular sense of victory today – it POURED during the run and yet we made it through! And my group was the smallest it’s ever been – just my pace leader and her good friend, and my running partner and me.

And with that I shall leave you all in suspense until my next post…which I will write next Friday! Because this girl is heading to the Jersey Shore for her annual beach vacation with the greatest friends in the world!! I packed all my running stuff and am sincerely hoping to get my runs in – 5 on Tues, 9 on Weds, and 4 on Thurs – wish me luck! Will write once I’m back in Chicagoland!

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