16 Miles – DONE!!!

Writing on the most beautiful summer morning!

SO happy and relieved that I made it through 16 miles today! I definitely had my doubts…but I got through it. I chose to run on my own this morning, for a bunch of reasons – for one, running on my own gives me control over the route that I take. I really like running a 6-mile loop north and southbound on the trail, and I knew if I did that twice I’d only have to go out and back another 2 miles – mentally that was really manageable. I told myself I just had 6 segments – up, back, up, back, and out and back. I also knew I’d have more control over my pace – part of me thought that with my hip pain I’d want to hang back and take it easy; I ended up running faster than I do with my group – I didn’t feel like I was pushing it; I felt like it was right. Finally, sometimes it’s just easier for me to run when I can zone out to music and not worry about making conversation or pulling over for water stops or whatever – just get it done.

I took some ibuprofen before the run – not something I want to make a habit of, but given that my first physical therapy appt isn’t until Monday, I figured it was okay just this once – and I think it helped. I could feel my hip pain kick in as soon as I started, but after a few miles it dissipated somewhat. More importantly, I don’t think it affected my stride – when it hurts and I’m walking, I limp and I favor my left leg – this morning I felt relatively balanced. Anyway, in general I felt really good through the first 12 miles or so – my legs were tired in general for the last 4. But I’m okay with that – I think the longer our runs go, the more comfortable I’ll get with longer distances.

I was really careful with my water stops. Last week I felt so sick after the run and I know the heat was a factor, but I also think I just drank way too much water. Obviously it’s important to drink when you’re thirsty, but at least for me I know that too much water is not good. Today I took advantage of two water stops that had Gatorade and otherwise just sipped from my water bottle when I felt like I needed it – towards the end I just drank at every other run/walk cycle, to try to keep it spaced. I think it worked – I feel much better now than I did a week ago!

Until today I was so resistant to the idea of resting more than my sanctioned rest days or cross-training in lieu of a run, but if the PT guy tells me to lay off running on Monday night, I’m ready for it. Now that I have 16 miles under my belt (and knowing that we only have to do 12 next Saturday), I’m more confident that I can take time off to rest if I need it and will be able to get back into the swing of things. Obviously I’d rather stick to my schedule and keep up with the mileage, but if part of my treatment is rest…I’ll be okay with that. I think. 🙂

Off to enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend! Happy Saturday!

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