Two Workouts…Mom, Don’t Read the Second Entry :)

Hi friends!

My home internet went down on Monday night (plus it was a rest day) so I didn’t blog, and last night I spent the better part of my evening on the phone with my cable provider. A technician is coming out tomorrow morning so hopefully I’ll be back on track very soon! In the meantime, I’m blogging from work on my lunch break – must fill you in on my last two runs!

Yesterday I’d planned on getting my long mid-run week over with (8 miles) but when my alarm went off it sounded like the end of the world outside – we had some CRAZY storms! So instead I went back to bed and just did 4. The good news: the actual run felt really good; I was struggling so much after my Saturday run that I was feeling pretty anxious about getting back out there, but it was all good. The not so good news: I definitely felt my hip. Every time I transitioned into the run portion of my run/walk cycle I felt the pressure, and it took at least a minute to get back into the swing of things.

So this prompted me to call my doctor and ask for a script for physical therapy sessions. I wish the discomfort were a one-time only thing, and maybe it really will go away on its own, but I hate the idea of further hurting myself. Muscle stuff is one thing, but if this turned into a stress fracture and I couldn’t run at all – I’d be really broken up. Anyway, thankfully my doctor was able to prescribe the PT without my actually having to go into her office; I should be able to start next week (the PT guy didn’t have openings this afternoon and I’m on travel tomorrow and Friday).

Mom, this is the part where you can stop reading. Thanks!

Since I didn’t knock out my long run yesterday and since I’m on travel tomorrow, I had to do my 8 miles this morning. I set my alarm for 4:30 (well…4:21 since my clock is 9 mins fast) and I got up and ready just fine – but when I glanced out the window I realized it was STILL incredibly dark out. Like…disconcertingly dark. And while I do love my trail, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly well illuminated. So I did some quick calculations in my head and realized I could stay home another 10 minutes and still have enough time to get to/from the trail and do my run. 10 minutes later…yeah still dark out! But I headed out…I figured if I really got spooked I could just run along the street. Which I hate doing because you always have to stop for traffic; on the other hand, traffic is remarkably light at this hour!

It definitely did not feel like the best idea…but I did it. Actually, I should note – as I was crossing the last intersection before the trail I saw two guys running (eh, I think they were guys – it was dark, after all!!), and neither was especially fast. So…as long as I’m not the only one on the trail…it can’t be THAT crazy. Well forget the dark – as soon as I started I was in pain. That seemed even crazier than running in the dark of night. But…maybe I’m stubborn…I just kept going. And finally, after 3 miles or so, the sky brightened. And similar to my Tuesday run, after a minute or two, the hip pain kind of dissipated. And maybe it was just me, but the longer I went the better I started to feel. I have to say, 8 miles flew by. It reminded me of how good I felt on Saturday, through the first 10 miles. I’m hoping this is part of a trend – the longer I run, the longer the mileage I’m comfortable with. It would be great if by marathon time I felt this good through 13 or so and just had to struggle through the second half to wrap it up.

That is…if I don’t trip over a rock on the trail that I miss seeing because of the lack of light, or if I really do screw up my hip and can’t run at all anymore!

I realize this post probably makes me sound…well…dedicated in the best way and stupid in the worst. But I promise that if the trail were truly deserted and I felt scared, I wouldn’t have run on it. And if my hip were truly painful, I would have stopped. I may be dedicated but I do still have a little common sense!

For the rest of the week, my plan is to continue stretching and rolling. Tomorrow morning is my strength training class – I want to go light on my legs and heavy on my arms/abs. Then I just have 4 more miles to get done, and will rest till Saturday. I’m nervous about Saturday’s run (I know…broken record) because my pace leader will not be with us, which means we need to chart a course and track our distance and run/walk on our own. Which of course we’re capable of…but it’s nice to be led sometimes, rather than do the leading! Whatever – we’ll figure it out.

Anyway that’s all for today! I may be able to write tomorrow morning but otherwise you’ll hear from me on Saturday afternoon!

3 thoughts on “Two Workouts…Mom, Don’t Read the Second Entry :)

  1. Dad read the entire post. He cannot believe that you woke up at 4:21 and thought that it would be light enough to run. Are you crazy? You know perfectly well the importance of safety, especially in Chicago.

    Thank you, Kristin, for your wisdom.


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