Unexpectedly Productive Sunday

I may have mentioned yesterday that my run was tough…and the post-run part was even tougher. I felt better after eating, taking a nap, and taking a walk, but by the time I went to bed my legs were in pain again. Not limited to my hips – feelings of all over pain and plain tiredness.

I guess this crept into my subconscious, because I kept waking up and worrying about whether I’d be able to stick to the training plan and actually attempt the marathon. I kept worrying that I was too inexperienced, too slow, too heavy, too overpronating with my legs, too weak in my lower body muscles, too off-kilter in my back…needless to say this didn’t make for a particularly good night’s sleep. I kept waking up to run to the bathroom and focusing on how tight my legs felt and worrying that I’d overdone it on Saturday.

So when I woke up around 7:30 or so, I tossed and turned for a few minutes and decided to get up and get things done. And I had plenty to do – laundry, cleaning, and cooking, for starters. It felt great to get so much off my list, if a little odd to be doing it so early on a Sunday. I knew I wanted to at least try a workout, but rather than go to the gym for my interval class, I queued up a YouTube video of yoga for runners. It actually focused specifically on loosening up the hip muscles, so I knew it was what I needed. Afterwards I put in a DVD that I ordered from Runner’s World a few weeks ago – it’s 50 minutes or so of super set workouts, some with weights, all with the idea of strengthening the muscles that runners use most. I felt good while I was doing it – it was definitely challenging but manageable, and for the parts that were a little too much for me today, I was able to modify it. It’ll be a great option for when I can’t get to the gym for a cross-training workout.

Right now I’m feeling a little looser and I’m worrying a little less about my future career in running. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll see how I do tomorrow – it’s a rest day, which I will gladly take – I’m hoping I don’t tighten up again. Tuesday will be the real test to see if I’ve bounced back from Saturday.

I guess at this point I just need to really focus on the foam rolling and stretching – I think that’s what’s going to get me back on track. And I need to tell my brain to shut the hell up – if, on marathon day, I can only get through 15 miles running, I CAN WALK THE REST. And that’s what I need to tell myself – when it gets hard, I can continue, I just need to alter the plan a bit. It can be done.

I hope!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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