15 Miles Done!

Writing from my air-conditioned family room…it is so.hot.today!

As you all know, I’ve been dreading my 15-mile run for the past two weeks, ever since we finished up the 13-mile one. I’m not exactly sure why – it’s just two miles longer – but psychologically it just felt like a huge challenge. But on Thursday night my pace leader emailed us all to tell us the course route, and for whatever reason that made me feel much better. The plan was to run south on the trail for 5.5 miles, come back north past the starting point, turn around, and wrap up. I guess visualizing it just helped me feel more comfortable and more ready.

But I was still nervous. 🙂 Especially with my hip and not knowing if I’d be in pain or whatever.

And it was hot. Did I mention that? And humid, and sunny.

We got off to a great start but my poor pace leader wasn’t feeling well and dropped out just a few miles after we started. Of course we missed her, but it ended up being okay – we already knew the course and one of the women I run with has a watch with GPS, so we always knew our mileage. I felt fantastic through 10 miles – it actually made me wonder if skipping my Thursday run wasn’t the worst idea, because I felt really energetic today. Once we got to mile 11 or so I started to slow down, and I know for sure I ran those last few miles on fumes. My legs were supremely tired. I finished but it was definitely a struggle at the end!

What was weird was how I felt after the run – I came home and immediately got in the shower and just wasn’t feeling quite right. I actually thought I was going to faint for a few minutes! I skipped conditioning my hair and instead just laid down in my bed with the air conditioner on – I couldn’t be up. Within 10 minutes or so I was able to get some recovery food in me (kefir and cottage cheese), then some coffee, and finally some oatmeal. I was feeling much more like myself about a half hour later or so, but still, it was jarring. I’m not quite sure what exactly made me feel that way, but I’m sure the heat played a role. I’m just glad I was able to make it through the run before my body started shutting down!

I took a nap, had a snack, and joined my friend for a walk and to watch some of the Air & Water Show (it’s such a fun weekend in Chicago!) – I think the walk REALLY helped. My legs were definitely still feeling tired but I think it was good to flush them out.

And overall my hip really wasn’t a big deal. I felt it here and there during the run but it definitely wasn’t a show-stopper. My physical therapist asked me to email him and let him know how the run went, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow – see how things go overnight. Hopefully with some really concentrated foam rolling and stretching (which I have been doing like a BOSS!), I’ll be back to my usual self.

Next weekend’s long run is 16 miles, so just one mile longer than today – I can do it. Then we draw back to 14, so I feel like I’ll be good to go for the next two weeks. Then it’s the 18, which I feel like will be the hardest of the training cycle (because the 20-miler is a big production number with my training group and actually sounds really fun), so that’s on my mind but I’m not worrying about it now!

For the remainder of the afternoon I shall be relaxing in the A/C. Keep cool, everyone!!

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