Diagnosis: Not Bursitis!

When I woke up this morning and still felt some discomfort in my hip, I knew I needed to call the physical therapist office in my gym. I was able to get a free assessment this afternoon and I feel SO much better.  The therapist did a bunch of exercises with me and put pressure here and there, and determined that it’s more general wear and tear on my hip muscle, vice bursitis or anything else. He had his assistant run through a bunch of exercises with me – leg raises, some foam roller exercises (which was helpful because up until today I was just winging it; it’s better to have an actual exercise plan!), and some exercises with a resistance band. I also got pictures and a card of additional stretches I can do.

I asked if running would make it worse and the therapist said it really could go either way – he said the 15-miler this Saturday will be a good test. If I get through it and feel okay, great, if not, he’ll help me get a referral for real physical therapy. He did not seem overly concerned about my pushing my limits – it’s going to be more of a trial and error situation.

I’m going to take tonight off – my first missed training session – so that I am truly rested for Saturday’s run. And I feel good about that; it feels like the right thing to do.

So we’ll see! I am cautiously optimistic. I realized with a lurch in my stomach yesterday that I’m over halfway done with my training – really do not want to jeopardize anything at this point. I think taking tonight off and really being diligent with my exercises will keep me on the right track – fingers crossed!!

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