Last Post for a Few Days!

Good morning!

Very happy to write about my 10-mile run this morning – I am hoping to catch a flight to Washington this morning, so I needed to get out on my own and finish up earlier than what my group would be doing. I was on the path by 5:47 (my goal was 6am), and it was a beautiful run from start to finish. It was a little warmer this morning than I’d expected, but certainly not oppressive or anything. I ran north for 3 miles so that I’d have 6 done by the time I got to my starting point, then just did two more out and back and was done! Per my app I maintained a pace of just under 11 minutes, which was fine with me. I am definitely anxious about next week’s 15-miler (and I have been since LAST week’s long run!), but all I can tell myself is that I can do it…it may be a struggle but I can do it.

Hopefully this morning I will catch a flight to Washington and spend the weekend with my best friends. Then on Monday I’m flying to Rhode Island for a work trip. My plan is to get in some bodyweight cross-training exercises on Sunday and do my 7-mile run on Monday morning, on one of the DC trails I used to run along – if that happens, I think it’ll be really nice. Then hopefully I can just take Tuesday as a rest day – I need to start my work day early and won’t be home until later in the evening so I won’t really have time to work out. If I can just stick to my plan on Sun and Mon I’ll be in good shape.

That’s all from me for a few days! Happy weekend, everyone!

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