Wiped Out

I am not ashamed to admit I am absolutely zonked today. I had to get in my 7-mile run before work, so I was up at 4:45 to make sure I had plenty of time to get ready and get out there – and it totally worked! Funny how getting to work on time is such a motivation to keep up a running pace, especially when you’re going to ask to leave a bit early for a post-work appointment! I was out on the trail well before sunrise and happy to report that I was joined by a few other runners and bikers – again, felt really safe. I did my traditional 5:1 ratio and kept each mile under 11 minutes – I was really, really happy. I have to believe that’s part of why I’m so tired – not only did I have a long distance to cover, but I really pushed myself!

I am also feeling sore. My neck is actually better; I just feel a general soreness all over. Tomorrow morning is my strength class and after work I’ll have my 3-mile mid-week run to finish up – I know this is probably the time to rest. But today during work I was mulling it over and I decided I’m going to take the same approach to my training that I always have with general exercise – do it unless you can’t. So unless I have a valid reason to skip a workout, I will get that run in. Because at some point I WILL have a valid reason – work travel, for one thing, which I expect will increase in September, or who knows, maybe a cold or similar, or maybe I really will come to the point where I just can’t get it in. Unless I feel dramatically different tomorrow, none of those will apply – I will get the run in.

I had my weekly appointment with my nutritionist tonight…I did lose some weight from last week, so that is good. More than that, though, I know my eating has been on point – I still have treats but they’re vastly smaller than what I’d been allowing myself prior to this. So I should be really excited – but instead I’m just nervous. I’m nervous because I have a weekend of fun in DC this weekend, and then onto Providence, RI for two days of work (and some fun too) – my schedule won’t be my own, nor will my food options. Exercise typically enables me to stick to good choices, so I am planning on getting in my 10-mile long run on Saturday before I fly to DC, and definitely a run in the hotel fitness center once I get to Providence. I’m hoping I can sneak in a workout on Sunday too – just not sure what that will be – maybe some improvised tabata (interval stuff) just using my body weight (burpees, tricep dips, push-ups, etc). We’ll see. What I cannot allow myself to do is let an indulgence go haywire or drink too much wine! I figure this will be good practice for when I’m on vacation with my friends at the end of August.

Time to eat dinner and get to bed – I feel like I could sleep all the way through tomorrow!

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